How To Become a Children's Registered Nurse

Children’s Registered Nurses aren’t much different from a Registered Nurse, except for the fact that a Children’s Registered Nurse specializes in the care of newborn babies to teens. A Children’s Registered Nurse (CRN) performs diagnostic work on patients, does routine medical tests, administers medication, and educates patients and family members. The Children’s Registered Nurse is also required to thoroughly fill out paperwork on the patient, including medical records and allergies to medications. A Children’s nurse will also have to be able to handle the psychological effects of dealing with ill children, as well as the distraught parents.  Children’s Nursing is a rewarding career, as long as the nurse is passionate with children, and interested in the development of children and their behavior.

There is also a four-year bachelor degree of sciences and nursing, and once you begin a nursing program you will immediately start clinical training. This will give you hands on experience with patients in a hospital setting; this is in addition to your course work.

If you are considering becoming a children’s nurse, it would be wise to take college classes that will complement your nursing training. These classes could include anything from early child development, to psychology classes that focus on families and children. This experience will help you better deal with grieving families and ill children on the job, while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor.

A Children’s Nurse will also need to prepare for and pass the state regulated nursing exam, these vary by state. After you have completed the requirements of a college program you’ll be able to take the nursing exam, usually these are all-day sessions that will test your entire knowledge of nursing. There are study guides available to help you brush up on the nursing exam, and or prepare ahead of time.

Once a potential children’s nurse receives her RN license, she'll need to apply at the pediatric unit at local hospitals. A Children’s Nurse will then begin specialized pediatric training; this training doesn’t occur until the nurse actually enters the nursing field.

If a Children’s nursing candidate cannot gain employment immediately, the next best thing is a pediatrics internship at a local hospital. This will allow the potential children’s nurse to get an insider look at the field of pediatrics, as well as network with doctors and fellow nurses. Expect and internship to last four months to a year, this is also excellent experience for a resume.

Any potential children’s nurse should also consider taking the Certified Pediatric Nurses exam; this is definitely enabling a potential children’s nurse to expand her knowledge and certifications.  She can also take online classes in nursing to enhance her education.

Children’s Nurses are in high demand, especially with many children falling ill to new viruses. If you are considering this as a career choice then it is important to receive all of the correct certifications, as well as attend a proper school where the nursing students get the best teaching curriculum.


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