How To Become a CIA Agent

CIA agents at work

The CIA or Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America offers many career opportunities, but the most perceivably adventurous of them would be that of a clandestine agent.  The CIA is an agency that is tasked with the responsibility of providing intelligence information impacting US national security. This is provided to policy makers in the US Government.

So, how does one become a CIA Agent or a clandestine agent? Simply put, apply to join the very elite clandestine corps service of the CIA, which involves actions more than an ordinary job, collecting information that is heavily relied upon by the military, navy, air force and other land security agencies within the USA.

Considering the nature and sensitivity of responsibilities to be handled, the CIA application procedure commences with some strict conditions, including that it is available only for resident US Citizens and if you are married, your spouse should be a US citizen too. 

Check and download the very elaborate application form. You can submit it online and it is said that the average time taken for processing an application can range from two months to two years, though if you do not hear from them within 45 days it is unlikely they will be contacting you soon.  Provide accurate and truthful information and that helps in expediting the process.

Before submitting your application it is worthwhile to consider if you have a good academic record, a good knowledge of current affairs, foreign affairs, international business and commerce, sciences, engineering skills, knowledge of history and geography of the world, ability to pass the stringent tests and lastly, knowledge of at least one foreign language. You should not be suffering from any medical ailments, conditions or diseases. You should have a very fit body and maintain a lean constitution.  Make sure not to use any illegal drugs or banned substances at least 12 months before your application and certainly do not have a criminal record.

An extremely high level of competence is expected for intelligence gathering and safeguarding national interests and the CIA process demands applicants to hold highest levels of integrity, candor in disclosing information. Remember, they are the CIA and they certainly know how to dig out information and they are very good at it. One of the reasons why you are applying there! A polygraph test is also conducted on prospective candidates.

If selected in the application procedure, a conditional offer of employment is made and during this time a series of background checks are conducted. Upon a successful background check procedure, you will be commencing your career at the CIA as a Professional Trainee working at its Washington facilities doing some desk duties and then move ahead into collection management and Clandestine Service Trainee Program, to finally become an operations officer or a collection management officer.

There are other opportunities with the CIA such as analysts, as linguists, science and technology engineers or providing support functions such as an attorney, auditor, cartographer, psychologist, and graphic designer and so on.

Great opportunities and enviable work experience await the truly eligible candidate within the CIA and their admission procedures ensure to select the best. Please do not get carried away by what you see in the movies. Some of these jobs are very high risk and could keep you away from home for long periods.


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