How To Become a Coffee Broker

If you consider yourself a master at deal making, if you have great selling skills and love coffee, you may want to consider becoming a coffee broker.  A broker is an individual who makes deals between suppliers and manufacturers and makes a profit from those deals.

To begin a career as a coffee broker you may want to obtain some basic business and finance knowledge.  While a degree is not required in this field, a basic understanding of how businesses run is helpful.  You will also need to familiarize yourself with all of the different aspects of the coffee manufacturing process.

When you begin your research into coffee you must learn about the regions where coffee is grown, coffee growing seasons and patterns, and which types of coffee come from each area.  Once you have established this information, your next step will be to make a list of contacts of prospective buyers.  Large and small coffee product producers are all potential clients.  Study the past trends of coffee bean costs and importation requirements.  Once you have gained this knowledge, you are ready to begin your next step.

Establish all licensing, insurance and bonding requirements that you will need according to your local and state regulations.  Print your business cards establish a web site and get ready to start making contact.

You will need to establish good relationships with the coffee growers.  This is imperative to a good brokering deal.  If you can not supply what you offer your brokering days are limited.  Once you establish a working relationship with different growers, put a sales plan together to use to approach potential clients.  It is probably best, at first, to offer a specialty coffee as your main product.  This often will get you in the door and you can expand your product line in the future.  As you become more familiar with both buyer and grower your career will become much easier.

This is a difficult business to start at first.  First contacts with growers or manufacturers can be hard to obtain - but this is not a reason to avoid this line of work.

Once you have made your contacts, provide excellent service and a wealth of knowledge to your clients on both sides.  This will make you a valuable part of the equation that they cannot do without.  Stay on top of the trends and always look for the better deal, just as long as quality stays your number one priority.


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