How To Become a CPA Corporate Financial Analyst

A Certified Public Accountant or CPA Corporate Financial Analyst helps a company decide on how it will invest its money. He is in charge of doing the background research of the prospects of the company. He conducts meetings with the officials of the company that his company wants to make investments. He writes reports about the meeting and suggests whether it is advisable for his company to go forth with the investment. He is also in charge of analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a company merger. He is in charge of analyzing if a company takeover will benefit his company. The life of a financial analyst is a very busy one. His office is often flooded with calls and proposals for a meeting. If you want to become a corporate financial analyst, you have to be prepared to work for long hours in a day. You have to be prepared to work during evenings. You also have to be prepared to give up your weekends.

Here are some of the steps that you have to take if you want to become a CPA corporate financial analyst:

  • Find out what kind of analyst you want to become. There are different opportunities for a financial analyst. You can work for a company to head the investigations for the investments. You can work for Wall Street houses of investments. You can also work for insurance companies. If you want to, you can also publish your works in different newspapers. You can also set up a website and offer your services. Choose the kind of set up that will work best for you.
  • Take your education to the next level. If you want to become a CPA corporate financial analyst, you have to work on getting a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or MBA. A MBA will help give you the edge that you need. It can help you become more eligible for the big companies who are looking for candidates who are more qualified in their field.
  • Become licensed. To start your practice as a corporate financial analyst, you need to get a license. Decide on the state where you want to obtain your license. Visit the CPA exam website. Get your own copy of the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Candidate Bulletin from the official website. Submit an application to take the licensure exam. Gather all the paperwork you need. Make sure to schedule the exam. Make it a point to pass the licensure exam.
  • Take the bull by the horn. Prepare a resume. Make sure to prepare the rest of the credentials that you need that will help solidify your application. Get a list of the companies where you want to start your career. Submit your resume to these companies. Prepare yourself for an intense interview that may follow. Make it a point to follow up your application. While waiting, try to get further training by attending seminars.

The job of a CPA corporate financial analyst is not an easy one. You have to develop a high level of analytical thinking. You must also exercise your problem solving skills. If you use this list as a guide, you can be sure that you can easily become a financial analyst.


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