How To Become a Dentist in the UK

Dentistry is a very good career choice - but, as with all career choices, you must do your research before you take the plunge. There are many steps to take in order to become a dentist. There is a lot of work and studying involved. When you have made the decision to go ahead and start your career in dentistry, here are some things you will need to know.

First you must score well when it comes to your GCSE's. This is coursework in Mathematics that is much different from ordinary lessons. The students are required to work on an extended task, rather than a bunch of separate tasks, together. It is necessary to receive good scores; this will help you immensely when applying for Universities. Make sure your studies are at the level required for a career in dentistry. This includes doing well in your studies in chemistry and biology. Although math is a very important subject, you will also need to complete AAB and AS levels. When in AS level make sure you take 3 A levels. Good advice is to study well in subjects that are in the subject of science, and choose opportunities to show your arctic side and an area that you are good with your hands.

Your UKCAT test will be next. This test will require you to do well in verbal reasoning and decision analysis. You will need this course to get into most dentist universities. Make sure that you practice with this because it is much harder than you would think and in this year you will be also studying for your 3 A levels. Make sure that you have a good time management system in place to get the best out of your study time.

The next step will be applying for dentist schools. Make sure you know what these schools will be expecting from you so you will be prepared as best as possible. For a focused approach, apply to only four universities and spend quality time on these applications; other than your grades, this is the way an admissions office will decide whether you’re a good candidate for their school.

It is hard work to become a dentist and requires a lot of discipline and dedication from you, but if you are really interested in having a dentist career, then this is the best way to achieve your goal. Study hard and keep looking forward to your dreams, and your perfect dentist job will happen.


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