How To Become a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer uses unique skills to create clothing and accessories for people to buy and wear.  Those unique skills don't always come naturally. Fashion designers have an eye for color, patterns, and texture. Not all fashion designers own their own line of clothing. In fact, most of them work under more experienced designers in a medium sized company. Becoming a fashion designer isn’t always easy, but with these simple steps and some perseverance a little talent can go a long way.      

In junior and senior high school, take as many fine arts classes as your school offers. These courses could include art, art design, painting, band, theater, and so on. All of these classes will give you techniques and discipline that could be very useful in a fashion design career.      

Study types of design, modeling, and photography in high fashion magazines. This will give you some insight on the sorts of designs you would like to create. The more knowledge you have of the subject, the farther you can go with your career.      

The next step is to learn to sew. In order to create a great fashion, you will need to know the fundamentals of sewing. This will include different styles of stitches, patterns, and sewing designs. You might even want to practice on some close relatives or friends to get the hang of different body types and what looks right on each of them.     

In your sophomore or junior year of high school, research which university or design school you would like to attend. You will want to major in fashion design with a minor in business merchandising. Do not be fooled: you do not have to pay a large sum of money to pursue your dream. Many community colleges and trade schools have fabulous fashion programs. During school, seek an internship. This will help in finding a good job later on in your career.      

Create a portfolio. A portfolio is a complete collection of your best work. This can include illustrations and even the occasional sample of a garment. This will be shown to possible employers along with your resume. Make it look professional and elegant. Employers will be looking for a designer that is neat.

Your first job most likely will not be under your own management. It will act almost as “graduate school”.  You will have a long period of apprenticeship before you will be able to contribute your designs to the company pool on a regular basis, and an even longer preparation time before you'll be ready to strike out on your own. Be patient and keep your work professional. This will give you the skills you'll need to advance in any area of fashion design.

If you'd like to attend school for fashion design, but think it would be better for you to work from home, consider attending an art and design college online. Online art and design schools are ideal for you if you're interested in design but would like to develop your skills from home!


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