How To Become a Flight Nurse Professionally

A flight nurse is a nurse who is trained to address high-level trauma and rescue. Like any other medical rescue personnel, flight nurses took up a long course and training to be eligible in giving medical assistance. This is a challenging job because flight nurses handle delicate cases of patients.

Here are the tips on how to become flight nurse professionally:

  • Be a registered nurse. You have to take and pass the state board examinations. After this, related experiences are required. You should at least have 3-5 years of experience in trauma units like in an ICU or an emergency room. Being in a situation where pressure and stress is present will help you become prepared in handling future trauma cases as a flight nurse attendant.
  • Volunteer to work on different hospitals to earn more experience. This will help you in enhancing your skills as a nurse. Also, ask if you could come along with the flight medical crew. It will give you hindsight on how flight nurses work and how it feels to handle trauma cases during these scenarios.
  • Be sure that you are physically fit. Working as a flight agent can be physically demanding. Prepare yourself for this. In this job, you will need agility, physical strength and stamina.
  • Make a job application. After securing years of experience as a registered nurse, you can now start applying as a flight nurse in any hospital in your state. Ask for all the requirements needed. Comply with all of them. Prepare your resume. Keep it updated. Gather all of your certifications from the different trainings that you have completed. You can also ask your former employers to make a recommendation letter for you. This can be an advantage as you apply as a flight nurse in different hospitals.
  • Develop the traits that will help you land the job. There are traits that are needed in becoming a good flight nurse. With the different cases that you will handle, you should be able to work under pressure. Your decision skills also will be tested. Be sure that you are skilled enough in assessing your patients.
  • Get as many training as possible. The knowledge and experience that you will acquire in these short courses will strengthen your chance of landing a job in a hospital as a flight nurse. Keep all the certificates that you will get.

Being a flight nurse entails a lot of requirements and will require you to be well trained. Like a doctor, people’s lives are in your hands. It’s either you help save them, or you inflict further harm on the patient. To avoid this, proper training is mandatory. During your training or volunteer work, keep your focus on the patient. You need to train yourself to not second-guess what you are doing. You should always be confident in the procedure that you will do because every move you make can affect the health of the patient. Focus and keep your presence of mind especially during emergency missions.


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