How To Become a Floral Designer

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When it comes to a choosing the right career path for you, it usually starts with what you like and dislike.  Many people find that taking college courses helps to pinpoint their passion. Just by narrowing down your choices based on things you enjoy, you can easily identify your new career. For example, many people enjoy flowers. They enjoy the color and scents flowers bring into a home, and the way they look outside in their gardens. If you have ever put together a bouquet of flowers then you've already touched on floral design. Becoming a floral designer starts off with interest, so if you have that then you've already accomplished the first step.

One of the best ways to get your feet wet before embarking on a full career in floral design is to take an internship with a professional florist, or a part-time job at a floral shop.  You can also apply to work in the floral department of your local grocery store. Doing this will help you get a better sense of how the floral industry works and some basic techniques of good floral design.  By learning the basics through on-the-job training you will have an easier transition to a full-time floral designer.  It will also help you decide whether this is something you want as a career. Some places may offer education incentives, by helping you pay for school.  Many universities offer degrees in horticulture, and obtaining one of these degrees will definitely benefit both you and your employer.

If you are ready to take the next step by going to school to become a floral designer, compare some schools first.  Begin by looking at universities in your local area - but if no schools in your area offer degrees in horticulture, be prepared to look elsewhere.  If you eventually want to run your own floral store, taking additional courses in business and marketing will help you prepare for this venture. Creating a portfolio throughout your floral design career, even in the beginning stages, will help you keep track of your progress. It will also show potential employers and clients the caliber of your work. You can do this by taking photographs of the work you put together along with small explanations of your inspiration for each design. As a floral designer, you not only will be providing a service but creating beautiful works of art as well.

Art and design colleges online can help you develop your knowledge of floral design and of design in general.  Online art and design colleges are also a great option if you are interested in obtaining a degree in art and design, but are unable to do so by attending 2- or 4-year universities that require you to attend courses on their campus.  Online colleges allow you to get your degree from home, giving you more time for your apprenticeship!


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