How To Become a Foley Artist

The term “Foley” was coined after the pioneer of making natural sound effects for movies and theater named Jack Foley. A Foley artist works as a part of the sound technician team in a film production. To bring the movie into life, a Foley artist supplements film, television shows and theater by creating realistic sounds with the use of ordinary objects. Objects that are commonly used by Foley artists are aluminum foil, shoes, metal boxes, boards and balls. Small scenes in movies or shows such as closing and opening of the door or crumpling papers need Foley works. To be successful in this career, the Foley artist should be creative and innovative.

Here are the tips to follow if you want to become a Foley artist:

  • Practice makes perfect as they say. If you want to be a good Foley artist, practice by using different objects and then record it on a tape recorder. You may upload the sound file on your computer. Use computer software that will enhance the sound and isolate other unrelated sounds on the background. Be creative in making new sounds and be resourceful in using different objects.
  • Research about Foley works. You can search for materials on the Internet. There are available videos as well that tackles about Foley artists. This will help you get more knowledge about the career path that you are about to take.
  • Seek a mentor. You can look for a person who has been working as a Foley artist. Ask him questions and let him teach you how things work. Ask him for advice on how to use more objects to produce more sound effects. With his connections, he can even help you find a job as a Foley artist. You can even offer your services as an assistant.
  • Get more training. Get enough training and experience so that when you finally come across an opportunity to work as a Foley artist, you can easily have an advantage. You can use your background in films as a producer of the different sound effects.
  • Enroll in a film school. This will further sharpen your skills. They can surely provide you with the basic knowledge and the different concepts related to Foley works. With the proper training, it will be easier for you to land a job eventually.

A Foley artist usually works hand in hand with a sound designer. Without the Foley artist and the sound designer, movies and shows that we watch would be very dull and boring to watch. These two sound engineers play a big role in the film industry. For aspiring Foley artists, the best way to achieve your dream is to never get tired of doing research. Keep training yourself by doing experiments and seeking for a mentor who knows the work very well. In addition, working as an apprentice of a Foley artist or any job that is available in a film production can be a good learning experience for you.


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