How To Become a Green Beret

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Before you make a commitment to become a Green Beret, there are several things you must do. Before any other step, you must first understand that the Green Berets are a group of elite special force agents within the U.S. Army. You will need a lot of special training. It's also important to know that the test just to get into the Green Berets is very rigorous and dangerous. Few who try out make it. This is why it's such an elite group. If you understand all of that and still want to become a Green Beret, then here are some steps you can follow.

  1. Become familiar with military politics and history as this will become very important to you when your become a Green Beret.
  2. Maintain your body physically. Develop a workout routine and keep your body in top condition. Also take care of your mind as well. Make healthy and sound choices and make them a part of your lifestyle.
  3. Special Forces agents are normally fluent in at least one other language besides English. Take a foreign language. If you would like guidance on which one or ones you should choose from, ask an Army recruiter to guide you through this decision.
  4. Join the U.S. Army. When doing this, talk to your recruiter about a suitable career choice in the Army. Explain that your goal is to become a Green Beret. There are some career choices in the Army that are suitable for this goal and some that aren't.
  5. Apply and go to paratrooper school in the U.S. Army.
  6. Apply to and go to Army Ranger training.
  7. Remain dedicated to the U.S. Army and your Army career. Strive to the best in everything you do.
  8. While you're striving to do your best, you will receive promotions in the Army. You must be at least an E-4, which is a Specialist or a Corporal in the Army to proceed to the next step.
  9. Get in contact with the Special Operations Recruiting Company at Fort Bragg and let them know you would like to apply to become a Green Beret.
  10. Learn the requirements to pass all the requirements for the Special Forces and prepare.
  11. If you pass through the application process, then you will need to go before a review board.
  12. If the review board accepts you, the next step is to attend the Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course.
  13. Take and complete the Special Forces Qualification course and then you will become a Green Beret.


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