How To Become a Homicide Detective

Homicide detectives

Becoming a homicide detective is a very challenging task, because Homicide is usually the top investigative department in a police force. A homicide detective is the one who investigates a crime and solves it. He is also responsible for taking down the suspect(s) in the crime.

  • Get either your GED or high school diploma. You will need it to enter a college and acquire a bachelor's degree.
  • Obtain a bachelor's degree related to criminal justice. Some people think that you only need to join the police and work hard to be a homicide detective. In some fields, this may be true but it is easier if you have a bachelor's degree in college. A detective that has a Bachelor's degree related to criminal justice is what police forces want. Sometimes it is a requirement to have a criminal justice degree. If you want to be a homicide detective faster, get a master's degree after college.
  • Join the police academy where you want to serve. Understand that in the police academy, all of you will undergo initial training even if you have a college degree. A homicide detective in the police forces needs years of work experience before they have a shot at being a detective. Make an impression on the police force and let your officers know that you are interested in becoming a homicide detective.
  • Learn while you are still inside the academy. Know everything about the law and law enforcement. Since you already tackled law in college, it will be easier for you to learn. When you are assigned to a certain case, outperform other officers, so that the high ranked officers will think that you deserve to be a detective.
  • Work hard for you to get the homicide detective job. Ask your fellow officers some questions for you to learn. If necessary, work overtime in the academy. Put extra effort in anything that you do in the academy. The love for the job is important for you to achieve your goals; if you don't love the job, the daily grind will wear you down. An officer needs to serve for at least three years before a promotion.
  • Don't rush to be a homicide detective. If you do everything right, high ranked officers will invite you to join other detective departments. Accept the offer and work hard to take advantage of this opportunity. This is also a good experience for you before taking the homicide detective job. After six months to two years of working experience, you can have an opportunity to be transferred to the homicide department. If there is no slot for you to enter, it may take more than two years of waiting before you can get a crack at the job that you are hoping for.   

In the police force, you can start as a low ranking official and climb to the top rank of homicide detective. This takes some years of training and hard work. But if you have a strong will to chase down criminals and solve complex and violent crimes, this may be the perfect job for you.


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