How To Become a Jafra Representative

Becoming a Jafra representative requires diligent efforts and good communication skills. It can pave the way for greater income once the sales start pouring in. Selling large volumes of Jafra products can also get you promoted and increase your chances of having more income.

The Jafra Company is a cosmetics company based in California. It is founded by Jan and Frank Day in the 1950s. It is a direct selling company whose products are sold globally by representatives who are also called consultants.

If you want to become a Jafra representative to add to your finances, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Look for other Jafra consultants in your area. If you have friends or neighbors who are already part of the network, ask them how to join. Aside from assisting you in becoming a representative, they can also give you tips on how to succeed in the business. You can also search in the Jafra website for the names and locations of representatives near you. Although the consultant receives a special bonus by recruiting you, it’s okay since they’ll do their best to help you succeed. In the future, you’ll also end up receiving a bonus once you successfully refer a new member.
  • Fill out the application form. Completely fill out the application form. Take note that you’ll need the consultant’s case number for the application form. You will also be required a valid credit card and contact information to qualify as a consultant.
  • Buy a consultant case. The consultant case or starter case contains the materials you’ll need to start with the business. This package normally costs around $75 to $100.  It is also a requirement, and in some areas, you are only given an allowance of 60 days to purchase a pack.
  • Familiarize yourself with the products. Once you have the starter package, read through all the portfolios. Familiarize yourself with the products so you’ll know how to answer any customer questions, and know what to offer. Once you are able to start selling Jafra products effectively, the rewards are great. For instance, if on your first month you are able to sell more than $300 worth of merchandise, you are eligible for a 50% commission in the future on top of other rewards. Also if you continue with a good performance, you can even be promoted to a manager position, thus greatly increasing your chances of earning. In addition, being able to sell will allow you to fulfill the $150 sale requirement every four months for you to retain your Jafra membership.
  • Promote, promote, promote. Practice promoting the products. You can organize Jafra product parties and look for other means to introduce it to your targets and increase your network of customers. Who knows -- you may even end up being the consultant of a new applicant.

Applying to be a Jafra representative is easy. Although it entails a monetary investment at first, the returns are evident in the long run, especially if you are successful in your endeavor. Aside from adding to your income, you’ll also develop your marketing and social skills.


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