How To Become a Jewelry Sales Rep

What is a jewelry Sales Rep?
A jewelry sales rep works with jewelry manufacturers and jewelry stores. The sales rep may negotiate the sale of jewelry to the store, and regulate the prices that the customer pays when the jewelry is sold. This type of job is fun and rewarding. But there is a lot of work involved and may require travel from time to time. You may have to travel to a customer’s store to show catalogs or discuss pricing and inventory.

Qualifications needed to become a jewelry sales rep:

  • Previous experience or training in retail jewelry sales
  • Good customer service and the ability to close the sale
  • Must know how to tell the quality and cut of stones, the quality of gold and silver
  • Must be familiar with aspects of the jewelry business
  • Must be able to tell real jewelry from fake or costume jewelry
  • Have the ability to travel; the job may require you to be out of town often
  • Should be organized and have a professional appearance

What does a jewelry sales rep earn?
The jewelry sales rep earns a commission on what they sell. The salary information here is just an estimate based on statistics and may be more or less than stated here.

The pay range for this type of job is between $20,000 and $60,000.The average salary for jewelry sales rep is about $48,000 a year, but also depends on your location and experience. An experienced jewelry sales rep in New York may make more than a sales rep in Kentucky. A sales representative in Los Angeles with one to five years of experience earns approximately $45,000 to $55,000 per year. So a good sales rep can earn anywhere from $48,000-$60,000 dollars per year.

What are the downfalls of this type of job?
Every position has its ups and downs, and of course jewelry sales reps face problems in this industry too.
Working with manufacturers and designers is often difficult. Sometimes there is a lull in consumer buying which puts a hold on sales. Many things make this a challenging position.

How to get started working as a jewelry sales rep?
Browse the internet job boards for openings, the local newspaper, or visit some of the jewelry stores in your area. Network with others in the same industry and ask them to let you know when openings become available. Be sure to have a current resume ready to show a prospective employer. Professional business clothes and accessories like a briefcase or portfolio to hold all your documents.

How to break into the jewelry sales business if you have no experience?
Start out working in a retail sales environment; it will give you some knowledge about the jewelry business and you will learn good sales skills. You will need these skills if you decide to become a jewelry sales rep later on.


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