How To Become a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Delivery nurse

Labor and delivery nurses assist pregnant mothers both before and during a baby’s birth.  Labor and delivery nurses can be present during cesarean-section births and ensure that both mother and child get the care they need.  Although being a labor and delivery nurse is a fast-paced and challenging career, the rewards of delivering healthy newborn babies is priceless.

Because of the wide range of duties that labor and delivery nurses encounter on a daily basis, in order to become a labor and delivery nurse, one must enroll in the proper educational program.  The first step to starting this career is by joining a nursing program from an accredited university.

Many nurses start off as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse).  To become an LPN, a one year program needs to be completed, as well as on-the-job training assisting RNs (Registered Nurse). After working as an LPN, many nurses find that they want to continue on with their education and become an RN.

The educational requirements for becoming an RN include a four-year degree from an accredited university, as well as plenty of hands-on training.  Most nurses obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which includes a firm base of math and science courses.

Experience is perhaps the most crucial aspect when becoming a labor and delivery nurse, and there are several programs which train nurses in actual labor and delivery settings.  This specialized training prepares nurses for challenges they may face when delivering babies both naturally or through C-section.

Once a 4-year degree is achieved, nurses need to take a nursing certification test in order to become certified.  These tests vary by state, depending on the requirements.  The college program that a nurse attends will be able to inform their students of what testing and credentials are needed in order to become an RN.

Keep in mind that while a person may have the credentials to be a labor and delivery nurse, there are different settings in which he or she can work.  There is a high demand for labor and delivery nurses, whether they work at hospitals or doctor’s offices.  Some nurses assist in routine childbirth, while others assist in surgical procedures and high-risk births.  Be prepared to work in a variety of situations.

Even once a nurse has landed a job as a labor and delivery nurse, it is important the he or she continues on with current training and medical seminars.  There are always new medical advances, especially when dealing with prenatal care.  Because of the high demands of working in the medical field, these seminars are available at local colleges and online.

Once a nurse has mastered the profession of being a labor and delivery nurse, he or she can continue on in this career path.  Becoming an obstetrician or working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit are both possibilities.  Some nurses even choose to become Certified Nurse Midwives or study to be pediatricians; online nursing courses can help you achieve these dreams.


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