How To Become a Lia Sophia Consultant

Jewelry has always played an important part in a woman’s best experiences. It can be a prom, an engagement, a wedding, or a simple dinner date. For women who are excited about beautiful jewelry and want to earn because of them, being a Lia Sophia consultant definitely works. Being in the business for over 30 years, it provides the opportunity for women to start their own jewelry business.

If you plan to become a Lia Sophia consultant, here are the steps that you need to take.

  • Look for what you like. Marketing and selling always begins with the seller believing that what they offer is nothing but the best. Visit the website to search for offered products. Likewise, you can obtain a list of available advisers or consultants in the area by using the “Find an Adviser” link from the website. Sign up with an adviser that you find easy to talk to. Not only can she give you tips and market trends, but she can also offer discounts in your starter kit. Either way, it is always easiest to sell if you love what you do and you love what you sell.
  • Make contact. Once you’re ready, contact an adviser using the contact details that you got from the site. Make an appointment and inform her of your intention to be a consultant. The adviser will then give you more details about the product offerings, as well as other requirements for the application. 
  • Become familiar with the products. You can also request a catalog initially so you can browse through the available products. It will give you firsthand knowledge about the products sold and identify which products you think you’ll be able to sell to your friends and families. Eventually, though, you’ll need to find an adviser to assist you.
  • Fill out the application form.  The adviser assigned to you will provide the application form. Submitting the form online is the easiest and quickest way to file the application.  However, you can also opt to submit a completed printed form by fax with the adviser agreement. In either case, you’ll need to provide an initial payment of $99. You will also be required of a bank account and detailed contact information. 
  • Wait. After submitting your application, you’ll be sent an email or confirmation mail from Lia Sophia that welcomes you as a consultant. Within 3 business days after your application, you’ll receive a starter kit that contains everything you’ll need. It includes free jewelry, carrying trays, display clothes, a training video and product catalogs that are estimated to be worth $439.
    Before running off to potential clients after receiving your starter kit, read through the catalogs and product descriptions first. It will give you more credibility and confidence knowing that you are familiar about everything there is to know of a particular piece.
  • Start selling. You can enjoy the jewelry better once you are able to sell them. Your income as a consultant largely depends on your commissions from products sold. Once you are able to sell a certain amount of Lia Sophia jewelry, you’ll be entitled to huge discounts for your personal purchases.
    You can also organize and host Lia Sophia parties. However, remember that as a host, you’ll have to pay for the catalog and supplies to be used for the party. There are great discounts for these products for being a hostess, but it is still huge money. Thus, to produce nice returns, make sure that you invite all possible potential buyers.

Before signing the consultant’s agreement for Lia Sophia, make sure that it is something that you’ll truly enjoy. Make the most in selling the products so you can enjoy the benefits of your labor afterward.


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