How To Become a Licensed Automobile Dealer

Stop collecting cars and earn money doing something that you really like to do. Since you know a lot about vehicles, why don't you consider being a licensed automobile dealer? Many independent automobile dealers have considered this career not just because they love the world of cars but they also see the promising earnings. But before you can finally go on and be an independent automobile dealer, you first need to be licensed. This is highly essential because car dealership is not a simple business venture. It is very dangerous to allow just anyone to sell cars. That is because car dealership is a serious matter that when done by unlicensed professionals might post risks on the buyer and the public.

So, to become licensed, you need to:

  1. Enroll and finish the auto dealer certification class. Every state mandates this class before you can take the licensure exam. Also, the requirements for the class differ from one state to another. For instance, North Carolina requires having 12-hour training. This includes the licensing requirements, operational materials, and state and federal laws governing car dealerships. Other states may have the same requirements. Check your state's requirements before moving forward. Also, the class can be fulfilled whether in a traditional classroom approach or through an online course. So if you don't have enough time for the former, then the latter will surely work just fine for you.
  2. Take the licensure exam for auto dealership. You can get this after you have finished the training course. Take note that there is a fee when you take the licensure exam. This fee also varies from state to state. Most states like North Carolina, Alaska, Kansas, and North Dakota, only require a $50 fee for new applications. Other states require lower or even as much as $250 for a dealer certification fee. Just check the regulations of your state to learn more about these fees. Aside from the fee, other requirements may also apply.
  3. Know the application process for the auto dealership. Apart from taking the course and getting the license, some states may still have other requirements. Again, it is best to ask your state's concern agency about these requirements. You may get this information from related state or national associations, too.

After that, you just need to wait for your application to process. But your work will not stop there. In order to start new or used car sales, you still have to follow certain regulations. Obtaining the zoning verification letter, getting the surety bond, processing a business license, and a lot more should be done before you can start selling. Also, if you will franchise a specific brand, say you want to be among the Chevy dealers, you still need to ask the manufacturer. They usually have additional requirements for their Chevy dealers.

Even the furniture, telephone lines, computers, and other store essentials must be checked by the government before you can open the store. They might even check your local or national associations. It is only through this that they can make sure that you will give good and safe customer service to potential buyers.

There's a lot of work, huh? All these things are needed even if you just plan to venture in used car sales. Don't worry about these hassles because after that, you can surely start generating profits as one of your state's automobile dealers. 


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