How To Become a Licensed Home Health Aide

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The Health Care industry needs qualified Home Health Aides. Home Health Aides are needed to take care of sick patients, escort patients to their doctor's appointments, run errands, cook and serve meals and help with household chores the patient can no longer do themselves.

What is a Licensed Home Health Aid?
A Licensed Home Health Aid is someone who has completed a training program and been licensed to work in the state they reside in. There are other positions in the home care field that may or may not require licensing. They are Personal Care Attendants, Companions, and Nurses Aids.  Nurse’s Aides and Home Health Aide positions require training and licensing, while Homemaker, Companions and Personal Care Attendants do not. A Health Aide can be employed for a variety of shifts and as a relief caregiver for a family member who is caring for a parent or spouse.  They provide care and supervision of elderly patients with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

The duties a Home Health Aide can expect to have:

  • Bathing or showering a patient
  • Cooking meals for the patient during their shift
  • Washing the patients Laundry and making beds
  • Cleaning and Vacuuming
  • Following the written instructions of the Nurse Manager assigned to the Patient.

How can someone become a Licensed Home Health Aid?

The requirements differ from state to state. Most states will require the applicant to have completed a training program and applied with the licensing board for documentation. Once the applicant has completed training and obtained licensing, they may also be required to register with the state licensing board for Home Health Aides.

How to find a Home Health Aid Training Program in your area?
Do an internet search for Home Health Aid Training programs in Yahoo and Google. Also check with your local community college. The program is usually about 6-8 weeks long and you will take a competency exam upon completion. After passing this exam you will be eligible to apply for your license.

Once an applicant has been licensed, how do they find work?
There are many ways to find a job as a Home Health Aid. You can apply with your local Home Care Agencies; these agencies hire nurses and aid to care for clients in their homes. You will be assigned to clients based on individual needs. Another way to find a job is to look in the help wanted section for someone needing a Home Health Aid.

Place an Ad in the newspaper offering your services. State your availability, pay requirements and the number of miles you are willing to travel for work. Leave your name and a daytime contact number for potential employers to call you.

The job outlook for Home Health Aides is very good. Pay ranges from $7-$10.00 an hour in most states, with the average being around $8.00 an hour. This type of job rarely suffers lay off or downsizing due to the need for qualified caregivers.


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