How To Become a Medical Billing Specialist

Becoming a medical billing specialist would be a great profession to get into.  The medical field is always in need of employees for every part of the medical field, and in this economy today it is scarce to find employment.  I am going to tell you a little about the medical billing specialist and what to do to become one.

The medical billing specialist is responsible for submitting claims to insurance companies and then following up on claims with the insurance companies.  They are also responsible for managing, posting, and collecting account payments.  They also take care of complaints with claims and bills and answers any questions about claims and billing that need to be answered.  Medical billing specialists also take care of all patient statements.  Frequent data entry and organization on computers are conducted.  They have to be sure that their work and documents are free of errors.  A lot of medical billing specialists work in an office setting or they work at home.  A lot of the positions are through large hospitals and public health clinics.  About two out of five medical billing specialists work in a hospital.


A medical billing specialist needs to at least have a high school diploma or GED and have knowledge of medical billing and collection practices.  They need to be well organized, know how to use a multi-line telephone system, operate a computer and basic office equipment, have a pleasant voice when answering the telephone, and able to follow instructions.

A medical billing specialist has to start out with at least a high school diploma or GED then they move onto a course in college.  You are able to take courses online also. When you are finished you get a certificate that shows you are a certified medical billing specialist.  The medical billing courses range from nine months to two years.  Many times that depends on if you want to go full time or part time.

A medical billing specialist earns anywhere from $12.00 to $16.00 per hour to start depending on where the location is and how much experience they have.  A salary range for medical billing is anywhere from $33,370 to $41,5061.  The salary is also changing all the time as do other professions.  Medical billing has become one of the fastest growing in the medical field so there are many positions out there.

I hope this informative page has helped you in becoming a medical billing specialist and to start a new career.  Many individuals these days not only have many job offers, but they start their own medical billing company.  After all of this I hope you believe that a medical billing specialist would be a great title or job to have.


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