How To Become a Medical Sales Rep

Medical sales representative

If you would like to become a medical sales representative, there are four steps that you can follow to increase your chances of entering the medical sales field.  Competition for medical sales positions is fierce, as many applicants are drawn to the stability and high compensation associated with medical sales jobs.  It is therefore imperative that you establish a plan to reach your goal.

The first thing to do is to organize your approach to becoming a medical sales representative based upon the typical qualifications possessed by those who currently sell medical equipment.  Medical sales representatives typically possess a four year college degree and at least one year of sales or health care experience.  They frequently had pre-existing contacts in the field, such as friends or mentors, who recommended them for an available position.  With this knowledge in mind, it is recommended that you should strive to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate that you possess a solid and relevant educational background
  2. Highlight any relevant career experiences pertaining to either sales or health care
  3. Increase and strengthen your contacts in the medical sales industry

Now that you have organized your approach to becoming a medical sales representative, you should make sure that your resume includes any past job experience that you have held in fields of health care or general sales.   If you have past sales experience, be sure to be specific about your sales accomplishments.   Employers want to hear about your past sales volume and whether you met or exceeded any goals or quotas set for you.   In order to become a successful medical sales representative quickly, you should ideally have at least one year of sales experience marked by attainment of set performance goals.

If you do not have any past experience in sales or in the health care field, do not despair.   Some of the best medical sales representatives entered the field without much previous sales experience.    These individuals were often hired because they possessed an impressive educational background that included an advanced degree with coursework specific to the health care or business arena.  Accordingly, it is important that your resume include references to any coursework or training seminars related to the medical field or sales.  If your resume is lacking in this area, it would be worth your time and money to consider enrolling in a sales or marketing class at a local college, or inquiring about available internships at medical equipment companies.

Finally, it is wise to get in touch with friends or acquaintances who currently hold positions in the medical sales field.   Let them know that you would like to become a medical sales representative and ask them for suggestions regarding what you can do to help you find a position in the medical equipment industry.   By strengthening your educational background, sales experience, and list of contacts you will build a solid foundation that will help you become a medical sales representative.


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