How To Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Oftentimes, only doctors and nurses are recognized in the field of medicine and public health because they are at the forefront. Whenever there are emergencies, they are the ones who immediately initiate the much needed medical response. However, as the responsibilities of the doctors and nurses grew larger and larger, many of them have started to feel the need to delegate certain responsibilities. Hence, a new classification under the medical field has been added which is the sector concerning health information. These days, medical transcriptionists have started taking a role in the medical field as well.

The Job. Medical transcriptionists (also known as 'medical transcribers), need to have prior background with medical terminology and jargon because their primary task is to make interpretations based on the notes provided by doctors and health care workers. These notes come in various forms such as medical transcripts, reports from clinic consultations, diagnostic procedures and other medical related documents.  These could be obtained from the physicians' offices, medical laboratories, general hospitals and outpatient care centers.

The Training. Medical transcribing is not really a very easy job because there are times when it takes a lot of time to decipher the medical data and come up with a comprehensive summary. Although a college degree or a formal specialized school certificate is not required to do transcription jobs, there is a need to have a good handle on things like grammar, listening skills, proofreading and the like because the transcriber has a big responsibility at hand. What they are transcribing is not just ordinary data but vital medical histories of patients. Hence, medical transcriptions must be done in a serious and skilled manner.

The Benefit. Due to modern technology, medical transcriptionists no longer have to go to an office on a daily basis to do transcribing jobs. These days, companies and agencies hire stay at home transcribers provided that they show ample proof that they have undergone training or have had experience in the past. Stay-at-home moms or dads, unemployed professionals and many more people can now benefit from the good compensation given to medical transcriptionists as long as they have a set of computer at home, an excellent Internet connection, high quality headset and word processing software like Microsoft Office. According to some reports, the salary of medical transcribers can range from $29,671 to $43,869 in a year. This is a good income considering the convenience of the job. 

Medical transcriptionists play an important support role in the health care sector. With their support, doctors and other health care workers can reduce their time with paperwork and make patient care their most important task.


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