How To Become a Moneygram Agent

Money transfer form

The necessity to wire money to different places around the world is growing as the global economy becomes more prevalent in society.  MoneyGram International is a money wire service with locations worldwide that provides this service.  To become a MoneyGram Agent you must first qualify, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

If you are already established as a business and would like to offer money transfer as an additional service you can apply to MoneyGram International.  Begin by visiting their website and look for the link marked Resources.  Under this heading you will find the information that you need to apply to become a registered agent.

Once you have completed the form, you can either apply online or call the listed toll-free number and complete the application that way.  Once your application has been submitted, it will go through a review process with the company.  If you pass the initial screening process, you will be contacted directly by a representative of the company.  This representative will make an appointment with you to meet in person at your business and will have a list of paperwork that you will need to provide upon arrival.

You will need to gather information about yourself and your company such as financial records, credit reports and business licensing.  When the agent arrives they will examine your records carefully with you.  They are looking for bad credit, liens, judgments and tax problems.  They are also looking to make sure that your business is properly lessened and registered and considered in the eyes of government as legitimate.  Because you have the opportunity of handling large sums of money when you provide this service, how you've handled money in the past will be scrutinized very closely.

If you are approved, you will negotiate the percentages you make from each transaction and fees you can charge.  You will also be given the opportunity to offer money orders and other check services also at this time.  Once everything has been agreed upon, MoneyGram will provide training for you and your employees on how to process all the transactions and how to use their software properly.  You will receive ongoing support from the company for any changes that may occur in the system.

Once you are trained all you will have to do is get the word out that you now provide this additional service.  As the news spreads within your community you will be pleased at how often you will provide the service and the additional revenue it is creating for your business.


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