How To Become a Navy Pilot

Becoming a Navy pilot may really sound exciting but not everyone who wants to be a Navy pilot can become one. Strong desire, sheer talent and solid determination must back you up if you really want to become a Navy pilot. Here are some of the things you should consider on your dream of flying for the Navy.

  • Plan. You need to make sure becoming a Navy pilot is what you really want. And remember that it will take time before you can really be a Navy pilot, not all Navy officers will become pilots. You also have the choice between becoming a Navy pilot and an Air Force pilot. These two are very different, so it is very important to think this through thoroughly before taking the first step.
  • Requirements. If you decided to become a Navy Pilot, the basic requirements must be met. Some of these are being a citizen of the country you wanted to serve, being listed with the Navy at the age of 18 and becoming an officer before turning 28. There are also certain physical, medical, background and psychological tests that you must undergo. And don’t forget your vision must be better than 20/40 without any correction and must reach 20/20 when corrected. Certain eye problems such as color blindness and depth perception problems will also be grounds for disqualification. You also must have a bachelor degree to become an officer, if you already have one apply to an Officer Candidate School to become commissioned. This will take some time but it’s a requirement.
  • Applying to a Naval Academy. After passing all the basic requirements, you need to apply for the Naval Academy. The application process for the Naval Academies differ from one place to another but it they known for being very selective; thus, very few of the applicants are accepted. Some of the qualifications are: good academic records, and being active in community and sports. The Naval Academy program usually takes four years of both lecture and extreme physical training combined.
  • The test. Graduating from the Naval Academy is not yet the realization of your dreams of becoming a Naval pilot. But we can say that you’re getting there. Now you need to pass the Aviation Selection Test Battery which is the test to evaluate you math, aviation skills, nautical wisdom. It will also gauge your desire in aviation and mechanical aptitude, so better be prepared for this as this test can indicate if you’re going to fly a plane or not.
  • Flight screening. You must undergo 25 hours or more of training from a certified flight instructor. After the lectures you need to make no less than 3 solo flights, including a cross country trip. You can skip this step if you already own a pilot license, whether it is recreational or private license.
  • Flight school. Apply to a local Navy Flight School; training will usually involve both lectures and physical activity. In this part, you will now be able to choose what aircraft you would want to fly.

Pick the aircraft that you like. Complete the training, and prepare yourself to fly your way to your goal.


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