How To Become a Party Planner

Professional event planner

Do you know how people love to party in this day and age? Or perhaps, you yourself love to organize parties for your friends and relatives. At least once in your life, you were asked by someone to plan a party for a certain occasion. You may want to recall if it was a blast or just something the visitors have forgotten after a week. You may have been invited to a party and may have enjoyed or not enjoyed it. The key thing about a party is planning. If a party is well-planned, no matter how simple it is, the visitors will enjoy it.

If you love going to social gatherings and planning or hosting parties, then maybe you can become a good party planner. Party planning is a great business for people with event organizing skills. Given the hectic schedules, most people don't have time to spare for planning a party for a special occasion; hence a party planner is hired to do the job. If you are considering becoming a party planner, here's how to get started.

  1. Know what kind of occasion you can plan a party for. Maybe you are interested in one or two occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Being a good party planner for a certain occasion doesn't always mean you can plan good parties for every type of event. You may learn and master all types of parties but take note that it is good to establish your forte.
  2. Complete your list of event planning partners like the caterers, supply stores, flower vendors, etc. You may take established companies to partner with your business or you may want to explore potential people around your neighborhood – some may just be waiting for an opportunity to vend their skills and homemade products. Whichever you think is more helpful to you, remember that the key to a lasting partnership is good relationship.
  3. Establish and maintain a good image – be it morally or professionally. If products with good reviews sell more, people and services with good image also get more clients. Decide on the name of your company, logo, address and everything your business needs to have an appearance. It also pays to have a good business card to establish an impression. Your office does not need to be big at the onset for your business operation. It just needs to be good, complete with equipment and professionals so that potential clients will see your company's reliability.
  4. Study the trend and the business in your local community. Study how other companies with the same business as yours make their marketing package. Create something unique for your company – something that will set you apart from your competitors. Your marketing packet should include information about you and an overview of the services your company offers. Spend time on this. This is what would sell your business to people.
  5. You can now advertise your business either by email, newspaper ad, or by telling your friends. You may want to throw an opening party of your business to officially announce its opening and to show a sample of your party planning skills.
  6. Networking is very important. Do not only confine yourself around your friends. When you are in this kind of business, you should know as many people as you can.


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