How To Become a PartyLite Independent Consultant

There are a lot of available work opportunities for a lot of people, especially for those who plan to work two jobs or those who plan to start their own business ventures. One of these opportunities is through direct selling. PartyLite is a company who deals with independent consultants to market and sell their products that include candles and other gift items.

If you wish to be a PartyLite independent consultant, here are the steps you can do.

  • Attend a PartyLite party. A party is the best place to sell PartyLite products. It is usually hosted by people who are planning to become independent consultants, or those who are already consultants themselves and who wish to expand their client list. Ask your friends or family if they know anyone who plans to host one in the near future. You can also search online for party invitations. When you attend a party, look for the consultant. She’s not necessarily the hostess of the night, but rather the one who talks about and presents the different products.
  • Connect with a consultant. Inquire how to join and become an independent consultant. In addition, ask her if she’d be willing to present in your first party once you have decided to host one.
  • Host your first party. Once you feel comfortable with the company products, you can now host your own party. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors. Include everyone you can think of! Since the products are not that costly and are easily appreciated, it won’t take too long to make a sale. In addition, you won’t have to pay for anything to have products set up and displayed since the company practices a company-funded host program. This removes the need to spend on inventory and deliveries. Study the way the consultant presents each product. It will help you develop your marketing and selling skills.
  • Buy your starter kit. Normally, your sales in your first PartyLite event are enough to buy you the Starter kit. This kit contains samples of all the products sold for your presentations. In addition, it also has catalogs and other helpful tools you can use to start up your business. Aside from the starter kit, the company also offers personal and local training sessions as well as online tools you can use.
  • Begin earning. You can start earning even if you’re just starting in the business. The more parties you host, the more possibilities that you’ll have more income. Try not to limit your parties to one location so your client base will expand. In the same way, host parties in places where you have friends so they can invite their own friends and family to the presentation. As you spend more time as a consultant, you start earning additional rewards like product offerings, cash rewards and even luxurious vacations.

Being a PartyLite independent consultant is not really that easy. Since your income depends on how much you sell, it’s important that you spend time and exercise patience and commitment in what you do.


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