How To Become a Personal Image Consultant

Image consultant with client

Image consultants can benefit from classes in psychology - often how a person looks is a reflection of how she feels, and learning how to address common anxieties is incredibly helpful. While most people don’t really need to be coached on how they have to look for their day jobs, there are certainly some professions that require one to have an image consultant. For popular movie stars, television personalities, professional athletes and politicians, personal image important, and needs taking care of. Aside from making sure that they’re not embroiled in any scandalous issues that could potentially ruin their reputations, how they look in the public eye is always important. Celebrities want to stay in character and be the star everyone admires.

Having to think of what to dress like everyday can be quite a burden for a celebrity, so it pays to have a personal image consultant. A personal image consultant is like a fashion consultant, personal stylist and general behavior adviser all rolled into one. A personal image consultant is mindful of how a person is perceived by the public and the media, so it is his job to make sure that no embarrassing faux pas happen under his watch.

If you are interested in being a personal image consultant, here are a few things to consider.

  • You must have a love and deep interest in fashion. Being knowledgeable in various styles would help you people of different ages, personalities, job description and of course, body shape. This would come in handy if you have a clientele that includes people from various professions and walks of life. An image consultant would usually expect clientele ranging from teenagers, young professionals, and even public officials. The trick here is knowing the right look for different situations.
  • Observe trends in how people are dressing. Subscribe to magazines that feature the latest fashion, hairstyles, color analysis and makeup. This would give you an idea on how the trends are faring and how quickly they change. Don’t fall into the trap of following trends to the letter. Remember the people who really rule the fashion industry are those who dare to start trends by bucking old and tired ones.
  • Learn to network. To be hired for a profession that builds up image of celebrities, you must first be a part of their inner circles. While you might not get clients at first, you need to start somewhere. For instance, you can start as a personal shopper, accompanying guests while shopping. Or, you can be friends with people from the showbiz industry—such as writers, producers, and even actors themselves. Another group of people ripe for the picking would be politicians, who are often in the public eye. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be celebrities and known individuals. Just being in acquaintance with professionals and other people who are interested in improving their image would be a good start. Having connections in these circles would be an excellent way to sell yourself as an image consultant.

A personal image consultant helps clients enhance their personalities by exuding confidence from the inside. Your pride in this profession would be that you are helping people feel better about themselves.  If you'd like more in-depth information that can help you assist people even further, consider enrolling in some online psychology courses.


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