How To Become a Pharmacy Aide

If you're interested in medicine and science, but you don't have enough money or education to become a doctor, maybe starting out as a pharmacy aide is something you would enjoy. As a pharmacy aide you can work at a retail drugstore or in a hospital setting. You will be responsible for making sales to and interacting with customers, counting and recording inventory, and stocking certain medicines. You might also need to work with customer or patient's records to help them.

While you don't need a college education to become a pharmacy aide, it's important to get your high school degree or GED. You also need to be able to pass a drug test. This is a must, because working around a lot of prescription drugs can be dangerous for someone who is addicted to them. Sometimes you need to have prior experience working in a retail setting, gaining such skills as cash handling, customer service, and working with computers or cash registers.

You can look around on the internet or check your local classified ads in the newspaper to see which stores near you are hiring pharmacy aides. You can also visit your local stores in person to pick up applications. Showing up in person shows a certain dedication that looking online does not, so this is a good way to get a future employer to notice you.

While working as a pharmacy aide does not mean you're a pharmacist, you'll be working directly under them and might find the opportunity for advancement within your reach. A pharmacy technician is a step above a pharmacy aide, and this position can be achieved through experience and certification. Sometimes the responsibilities of a pharmacy aide and a technician vary or even overlap. It's important to note that these positions are not the same in every place. To move up to the position of pharmacist, one must have a certain amount of formal training in conjunction with their experience.

To be a pharmacy aide, it's important that you can work in a customer-oriented environment. You need to have good service skills and even better teamwork skills to work in a retail setting. You need to be able to provide a clean sample for a drug test and a high school diploma is usually required. If you meet all these requirements and have an interest in doing something in the health care field that may lead to higher paying opportunities, a pharmacy aide position might be the perfect thing for you. If you're out of high school and haven't decided what you want to do, it's a nice way to spend your time and may even convince you that it is the field you'd like to pursue.


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