How To Become a Production Coordinator

A production coordinator is responsible for being in charge of the production schedule from start to finish, and this is an important production role in any enterprise. This position carries many responsibilities, as you need to ensure that you make optimal use of all personnel, material and equipment.

A production coordinator reports in to the production manager on a TV or film shoot. Coordination of production plans at several levels is a key skill required for this role; plans include timely completion of targets at both macro and micro levels. A production coordinator’s job requires the candidate to ensure the material comes in on time; production, deadlines and dispatching of the materials all are completed according to the plan. Identification of problems, research and development of the production process and schedules, prioritization of work orders, problem solving and overall management of all schedules are some of the important skills required for a production coordinator’s role.  

Research and understand the role

It is necessary that you understand the job profile of a production coordinator before you look at becoming one! Hence, try to get a better understanding of this job profile. Google will give you more information on the general duties required for a production coordinator’s role. Basic duties remain the same for each position, even if many sets are different.

Getting involved
Opportunities such as an office intern or an office PA on a film or TV set would be a good start as most production coordinators start out as production assistants. Once you have been employed as a production assistant, you will get a better picture of the duties required for the role. Plus you will be gaining hands-on experience as you may be reporting to the production coordinator of that particular show! No question is stupid, so make sure you ask and learn!

Research opportunities
Once you are in a production assistant’s role, learn as much as possible, work on different sets if needed and start researching opportunities for a production coordinator! Reading through job descriptions listed by companies will give you a clear understanding of what the company is looking for; check to see if you possess those skills or what you need to do to get them.

Lastly, once you are on the job, ensure you learn as much as possible and do a good job to get noticed! After all, a promotion and better perks are what we look for at the end of the day!


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