How To Become a Radio Disc Jockey

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Becoming a radio disc jockey takes planning, years of training, and true dedication. However, if you are willing to do the work it takes you can achieve your dream of becoming a radio disc jockey.

To begin, take communications courses in high school.  Radio disc jockeys need to be comfortable communicating with anyone, at any time.  It could also be helpful to do interviews whenever you have the opportunity. Join the debate club. Do morning news announcements over the public address system. Become involved in student government and give speeches as often as you can. Do any school activity that requires speaking so you can gain crucial experience in communications. Near the end of your high school career, identify several colleges that are nationally reputed to have strong communications departments. Look at each college and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each program. Decide which is the best college for you based their qualifications and the number of their graduates who obtain work in their chosen fields within two years after graduation.

When you go to college, major in communications, preferably with emphasis in radio communications. While at college, gain hands-on experience in communications at every possible opportunity. For example: while you are at college, work at the college radio station and volunteer to be a radio disc jockey.  If you can, find an internship during the summer where you can work at a mainstream radio station; it's important to expose yourself to as many aspects of the business as possible.

In your final year of college, go to your college's career center and sign up for interviews. Hopefully through this process a radio station will interview you and will be sufficiently pleased with your resume to hire you to become a radio disc jockey. However, if that does not happen, it just means that you may have to take another type of job at a radio station and work your way up into becoming a radio disc jockey.

Each situation and each radio station is different. You have to decide whether you want to start out working in a smaller town radio station or a larger urban radio station. Each venue has its own rules; part of becoming a successful radio disc jockey is in learning and understanding how each type of radio station works. The thing that is important to remember is to never give up. Keep pursuing your dream and you will become a radio disc jockey.


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