How To Become a Scentsy Independent Consultant

When economies head for the bottom, people are left in times of financial uncertainty. Jobs aren’t as secure as before, and employment is never a solid assurance of steady income. As such, people try to augment their day jobs with other sources of income. They may do freelance work, or try doing a second job on the weekends. A great way to earn more money includes opening your own small business, and working on your entrepreneurial skills. Enterprising is always an attractive option, especially if you have good people skills and have a lot of friends.

If you are considering entering the world of small entrepreneurship, you may want to consider selling products from Scentsy. Here are some things that you may want to consider when becoming an independent consultant for Scentsy.

  • Scentsy is a small company that was established way back in 2003 with the brilliant innovation of using decorative warmers, powered by electricity, to heat aromatherapeutic candles. Instead of candles, which can produce asthma-inducing smoke, flame (which can burn down its surroundings) and soot, Scentsy pioneered using 25 watt candles to melt down the aromatic wax of the candles.
  • The advantage of being an independent consultant for Scentsy is that you can work from home. All you have to do is order their starter kit, and you can begin getting orders for the products from Scentsy. This is a great way to augment your income, especially if you have a wide network of friends who can use scented candles. There are also opportunities for businesses and for parties, and the potential is limitless. You can go to their website to find more information about Scentsy, as well as the different deals they have for you.
  • If you’ve already browsed through their website and are sold on being an independent consultant, go to their website and click on the link that says “Start a Business.” This will take you to other pages. It will be best for you to read as much as you can: go through the “Why Scentsy?”, Success Stories, Great Value page. This will give you the background information you need. Click on the Enrol button, then go click OK.
  • You will have to go through an electronic contract. While most people don’t read through e-contracts, you may want to look through the contract to know what you are entering. Just browse through what is expected from you and what you can expect from them.
  • Fill in the information required, click Continue, and then verify your process. You are now officially a Scentsy Independent consultant. You have to order a starter kit (usually priced at US$99), to get a sample of the tester scents that you can bring to show off to friends and relatives, as well as potential customers. There are also training materials included to assist you in bagging sales and increasing your income from Scentsy.

You will have to be able to produce sales if you want to be a successful Independent consultant for Scentsy. Be creative in plugging your products, and don’t be disheartened by rejections. Remember that entrepreneurship is a skill, and it will take some practice before you get your sales pitch perfect.


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