How To Become a Scriptwriter

Becoming a scriptwriter is not all glitz and glamour. But it is very rewarding as an enterprise, which is why many an imaginative mind has embarked on the journey of becoming one of the chosen few who bring life to meaningful dialogue on TV, movies and many other forms of media. Do you want to become a scriptwriter? You might be up for a not so easy task, but it is really possible. Here are some things that can help get you started in your goal of becoming the next applauded scriptwriter.

Enroll in a university degree or a scriptwriting workshop. Education is really necessary to help you land a decent career in scriptwriting. Credentials will talk for you, compensate for lack of experience and take you to many places. You can try the online internet scriptwriting workshop from E-Script if you want to have a feel of the education involved online. Better yet, you can enroll in reputable universities so that you really get good foundations.

Write, and write consistently. A lot of people claim that they want to become a scriptwriter, but only few are able to get past wishful thinking and actually do the hard work that it entails. Even if the initial manuscript you make may seem like garbage or worthless to you, it matters little. Just get started and do it. You can’t improve on your craft if you do not have a craft, to begin with. Concern yourself less with the formats and the other considerations when you are writing and just produce the pages.

Familiarize yourself with the classics and best sellers.
Most likely, you can get a better stepping stone to success if you knew what particular scripts worked well in the past. You might be able to derive inspiration and influence in your writing if you are well-versed with the really good scripts in the world. 

Incorporate visuals in your writing. Imagination is one thing, but translating the elements of your imagination in vivid terms that your audience can understand is quite another. Make sure that you are very visual with your descriptions.

Be open to revisions. The scriptwriting industry is not for softies. You need to make sure that you are able to handle criticisms well, because you will surely have a lot of them before you get your first best selling script to be heard or viewed on air.

Build your portfolio. This means you might sometimes have to be open to do your work for free to impress the bigwigs. Just charge most things to experience first and the money will come later when you have gainfully established your reputation.

Expand your network.
You need to get to know a lot people in the industry to succeed. Attend events such as premier nights and other gala nights to help you rub elbows with people who can actually link you to better projects.
Working in the entertainment industry can be stressful. But if you love showbiz, and if you are a great writer, then it’s a good career to consider.


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