How To Become a Self-Development Trainer

Self-development refers to activities that help a person improve his knowledge about his identity and knowledge about himself. In the process of getting to know himself better, he develops his talent and potential, improves his worth and in doing so, improves his chances of being employed. Eventually, he is able to enhance his quality of life as he realizes his dreams and aspirations.

An important aspect of self-development includes becoming the person you want to be and defining your core values. It is also a journey towards planning how you are going to realize your dreams and aspirations. If realizing your dream means having to learn specific skills and working more on your talents and potential strengths, then that is part of self-development and personal growth. This also means working on improving your quality of life in areas of health, wealth, family, and friends.

It was Michel Foucault who described the tools used in Ancient Greece and Rome for self-development. These tools included diet, exercise, sexual abstinence and contemplation and prayer--tools, which are used until today by the Catholic Church. But it was Alfred Adler who insisted that the dreams and aspirations of a person are not at all limited to experiences during childhood nor unconscious drives. He also insisted that the lifestyle of a person defines what he thinks of life when faced with problems, and his self-image and self-growth.

To become a self-development trainer, you should first be a continual student of self-development. A trainer is also a trainee. Being a trainer is not about one person teaching all participants who receive information and learn a thing or two. Being a trainer is taking part in an interactive process. Once you become a trainer, you also become part in a process of personal development.

The process of self-development starts with knowing yourself, being confident in your strengths and talents and working on your dreams and aspirations with that confidence. Self-development trainers possess these traits--and more! They are life coaches, teaching students how to have self-confidence and how to push to improve life and help others achieve this too.

The next step would be checking for any education courses available at any college or university in your area that would have personal development courses. Some institutes may have short courses available for those who just want to add additional units to their college courses.

Several online courses and seminars are also offered for those who want to become self-development trainers. Just search online and take note of the top 20 results. Carefully study each one--their curriculum and standards, before making a final choice. Send an email and wait for a response within 24 hours. You should indicate in your email your intention to take part in their program, and have some specific questions. If their email is just a computer-generated response, don't consider them anymore and go to the next choice.

Becoming a self-development trainer means being involved in helping other people and giving them tips on how to become the people they were meant to be. Find the best way to do this and help people reach their dreams.


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