How To Become a Six Sigma Green Belt

You might be wondering what a Six Sigma Green Belt is? No, it is not the belt and honor you receive from martial arts training, but it is about strategies. It is a strategy that many corporations in the industry use to produce better outputs, eliminate defects, and minimize the manufacturing variability of other business processes. If you are a new management officer, Six Sigma Green Belt is the lowest certification you could get. Being a certified Six Sigma Green Belt could help you move forward and up the corporate ladder, and help you improve your company.

Try looking into these tips on how you could get certification for a Six Sigma Green Belt:

  • Look for schools or business training centers that offer the course. Accredited business schools usually offer this program. Be constantly on the look out for these centers. Look for their phone numbers, their websites and inquire more about the programs they offer. Find out about the cost of the program and decide on which school or center you want to enroll in,
  • Get your company interested with the program. Introduce the program to your company. Introduce the benefits that it can bring to the organization and highlight the factors that would be good for the company in the long run. Have a costs and benefits analysis about the investment. Itemize the costs of the project and point out the immediate and future payback and profits from it.
  • Sign up and enroll for the program. Once you have made the management agree to your suggestion, pick a center or school to enroll in. Complete all the requirements you need to enroll in the program and start learning more about it. Be prepared for the classes and lessons you will have, and attend all of them. It is important that you do not miss anything to get that certification.
  • Take and pass the tests. To be a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, you have to take and pass all tests they require you to take. Be a serious learner and try to review before each test in order for you to pass all of them. It is common to complete a Six Sigma project with your fellow managers before you can get accreditation. Let your colleagues and management know about this, prepare for it and complete it.
  • Work on projects with other managers that would allow you to use what you have learned. Once a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, practice what you have learned and help your company in improving business processes in your organization. Impart what you have learned and help other young managers get accreditation to enhance further collaboration between Six Sigma certified employees and help improve your business.

Get out of your cubicle and start working on getting that Green Belt. It may be what you need to help you get a promotion. It can also help your company get an edge over other organizations.


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