How To Become a Successful Business Consultant

To become a business consultant, you will first need to be fully educated on emerging business technologies and current trends in doing business. Business consulting is a popular career for professionals who do not want to work within the formal and rigid corporate environment. New technologies in doing business are constantly developing, state policies are changing and the mindsets and culture of the newer generation of entrepreneurs require businesses to adapt to these ever changing business contexts.

Business consultants assist these entrepreneurs in adapting. A business consultant is someone who provides professional advice and services to business organizations and individual entrepreneurs. As a business consultant, you simply share your acquired skills, knowledge and expertise in a particular field over the years as a practitioner.

To become successful in this field of business consulting, you have to be guided by the following steps.

  1. Study the consulting industry. Realize that you are not alone in this field. Find out different business consultants in your area--both individual consultants and consulting firms. It is good to know what services they offer and the overall feel of the demand for business consulting. By taking this step, you are making sure that your services are more competitive.

  2. Evaluate yourself. After finding out the dynamics of the business consulting arena, honestly evaluate yourself. You could prepare 2 types of lists while self-evaluating. The first list is all about the skills, knowledge and expertise you are confident you can already share as a business consultant. The second list is about other areas related to your existing skills and expertise that you wanted to develop. For example, your expertise on management information systems can further be enhanced with new knowledge management techniques. As a consultant it does not mean that you stopped learning.

  3. Market yourself and your consulting services. Marketing in the business consulting world means marketing your personality not just your skills and expertise. As a consultant you have to project an aura that you are easy to work with. Your positive attitude and aura will make it easier for entrepreneurs to work with you. In marketing your skills and expertise, it is wise to prepare a brochure containing these and most importantly how potential clients contact you.

  4. Network to get more market share in the consulting industry. Make yourself visible in key gatherings of business organizations. Invest by spending money in attending business conferences, fairs and seminars.

  5. Finally, have confidence in yourself as a consultant. Self-confidence in your consulting skills and expertise will grow as more and more clients hire your services. It will also help in boosting your confidence by taking an attitude that as consultant it is still a learning experience. Learn from your clients. Keep yourself abreast with trends in the economy, trading and businesses. Start reading business newspapers and magazines.

After taking the essential steps mentioned above, you can now start thinking of setting up your own system in business consulting. Key areas that will eventually emerge as you move along your consulting activities include setting up your professional fees, legal protection mechanisms for your consulting activities (e.g. contracts, government registration and the like) and time management systems. By following the key steps and reminders above, and by taking regular follow-up classes in new business technologies online, you can be sure that you are going into a more fruitful and fulfilling business consulting practice.


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By Akshay Surendran