How To Become a Swimsuit Model

Becoming a swimsuit model is very demanding and highly competitive. You need to have the right figure, physique, stamina and attitude to survive in this business. Before you can become a swimsuit model, you have to prepare yourself, your mind and especially your body for the demands modeling will ask of you.

To embark on a swimsuit modeling career, here are the things that you need to consider.

  1. You need to have the right measurements of 32 to 33 bust size, 23.5 waistline and a size 30 hips, at least 5’8” in height, have clear skin, slim and most of all have a toned body with some muscle definition. You have to stick to a workout schedule and a healthy diet.
  2. Practice with a lot of poses and a variety of looks in front of large mirror and develop some looks and poses that can be your own and which can set you apart from the other models. Keep abreast of the latest trends by subscribing to magazine and watching competitions and doing a lot of research.
  3. You must feel comfortable wearing different types of swimsuits and pose in the company of different sexes and in front of a lot of people and situations. You should learn not to get too distracted easily. You should learn to display the suit you are modeling to the best advantage.
  4. Invest in a portfolio. You need to look for a fashion photographer who can help you come up with a modeling portfolio and composite cards. Requirements for a portfolio include shots of you in different poses wearing different types of swimsuits (nothing too reveling), headshots, ¾ body shots, full body shots and headshots without makeup. You need these to distribute to agents, advertising companies, magazines and other publications, et cetera.
  5. If you can afford it, get an agent to represent you. He or she can then take charge of looking for companies to employ you as their model, set up auditions and get you linked to modeling agencies. You have to take into consideration that agents take a certain percentage off your gross earnings.
  6. Do as much networking as you can and socialize offline and online. Make use of social networking tools to create awareness by posting your most beautiful photos.
  7. Get in touch with reputable photographers who have done some swimsuit spreads in well-known newspapers and magazines. He or she can help you network or may have some projects lined up that models.
  8. Keep abreast of the latest trends and happenings in the modeling industry. This will help you adjust – in terms of poses, looks, rates, as well as the latest in swimsuit fashions so you can be well versed and able to discuss these things during client meetings.
  9. Learn how to project yourself and if you can afford it, enroll in talent development course that includes public speaking. You have to learn how to meet with talent agencies, advertising companies and clients themselves who might be interested to get you as their model.
  10. Check local department stores and shopping malls. Some stores may be in need of models for their store catalogs and advertising fliers. Always have a set of photographs with you when you go out and take advantage of opportunities that might be present.
  11. Likewise you can enter competitions and auditions on your own to get enough experience as well as exposure in the industry.

Be fully prepared before you embark on a modeling career. Start small to gain confidence and exposure before aiming for something bigger. Maximize the opportunities that present themselves but still maintain the right to choose credible work.


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