How To Become a Teen Actress

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So you want to be a teen actress. Well, so do a majority of teens out there who also aspire to be one. Their reasons for being a teen actress are varied. They may have been influenced by a relative, a friend, an idol. They may have natural acting talents that they want to hone. It can be either a creative, an artistic or let us face it, a financial reason.

Whatever your motivations may be, becoming a teen actress does not happen overnight. You have to work hard to achieve your goal.

Acting does build confidence. It removes your apprehension when speaking in front of a huge crowd. It keeps you in good stead when made to think on your feet. You will be able to carry yourself in different situations.

However, there are still steps you need to take before you can become a teen actress. Read on.

  1. Take acting classes. You may have gained some experience acting in some plays in your local community or during school plays. This will help but to make you a well-rounded performer then you have to learn how to act, know about projection, how to build your character, the effectiveness of facial expressions, hand and body movements, using parts of your face and body to convey actions and reactions among other things. You also should learn how to dance, to sing and maybe play a musical instrument. Even seasoned actors and actresses take acting lessons and attend acting workshops periodically.
  2. Taking acting classes also allows you to meet other actors who can share inside information with you about talent agents, acting teachers, maybe projects where you can audition. Most of all, you will be doing a lot of acting when taking lessons.
  3. Be a voracious reader and read every thing you can about acting. Remember, knowledge is power.
  4. Learn how to listen. You need this to take verbal cues from fellow actors. It will also help you convey the required emotions, reactions and riposte. You may not have any speaking part, but you can convey so much more as you listen and react to what the actor is saying.
  5. Watch great performances by your favorite actors and actresses and learn from them.
  6. Watch what other teen actresses are doing. You have to act your age and at the same time develop an aura to stand out from the rest. Learn how they became successful and pick up good things here and there that can help you.
  7. Practice your public speaking skills. If you can, enroll in a public speaking class. To be a good actress, you have to be able to talk clearly. Take every opportunity to speak to a large group of people.
  8. Do not just concentrate on acting. If you are involved in theater, then take part in other departments – props, costume, and sound. Knowing how to be a stage hand will keep you working between acting jobs and while waiting for acting jobs.
  9. Talent agencies require teen actresses (or actors) to have a portfolio. Contact a professional photographer and have some head shots taken in different angles, different moods, different poses, close-ups, full body shots, and ¾ body shots. You need to have a composite that you can hand out whenever you meet with talent and casting agencies.
  10. Keep a record of everything that you do and have done in relation to your acting career. Include the lessons you have taken, the workshops you have attended and with whom.
  11. The most important thing you need to do is to stay in school. Completing your education will help you become more successful.

Dream big but start small. As a teen actress, do not go in search of big parts at once. If you are offered a big part, then that is good. But doing things slowly and piling up knowledge will help you succeed as a teen actress and move further in your career.


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