How To Become an Ultrascope Dealer

Ultrascope is a brand of modern stethoscope with a rounded, single-sided acrylic head that is very easy to use. It is pressure sensitive so it facilitates auscultation. You can get low frequency responses when you use light pressure and higher frequency responses with a firmer pressure. It works even in very noisy environments, through layers of clothing and bandages.

It is a fine piece of medical equipment that can also bring fun and enjoyment to the user as well as the patients, particularly children. It can even be used as a distraction when around scared and shy kids. They are colorful and can be personalized with a variety of designs and colors that can reflect the medical professional’s individuality and interests. These stethoscopes can also be engraved.

Ultrascope is a division of Parker Medical Associates whose head office is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Parker Medical Associates do not maintain a storefront. The company sells their medical instruments online, through their own online store or through several distributors in the US and internationally.

If you want to be an Ultrascope dealer, here are the steps:

  1. Assuming that this is your first online venture, you need to set up an e-commerce website with a shopping cart software program so you can take orders and notify your customers, with SSL encryption to protect you and your customers. You need to apply for a Internet merchant account with your bank so you can accept credit card payments and have a payment gateway account that will process the transaction.
  2. If you already have an e-commerce site, then skip number one.
  3. Call the company’s customer service number (704) 344-9998, toll-free (800) 677-2673 during office hours and inquire on how to go about being a dealer of their product/s. It will help if your line of business is related to the supply of medical equipments, instruments and other products like shoes, uniforms, and etcetera.
  4. Provide the customer service person with the pertinent information she/he will ask from you. You can also check their website to see the list of authorized Ultrascopes in the US so you already have an idea if your location is still open for dealership. You will be notified if you are accepted as a dealer right away.
  5. Fill out a credit application form and send it back to them and wait for approval. While waiting for your credit approval, you can visit the Ultrascopes website and sign up for an account. You need to fill up their form with your personal and business information and place an order and pay for it by credit card. This way you can already have ready stock.
  6. You need to create a customer login and password to proceed as well as for future orders.

An Ultrascope stethoscope is a hip thing to use. It is not only durable and ultra-modern, it is visually appealing with a range of bright colors and interchangeable heads that can be a tool to relax a patient, particularly the scared young ones.


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