How To Become a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

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A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) is one who is specifically trained to work on bankruptcy petitions online. With the rise in the virtual assistance business, you will find many opportunities being created, and if you are looking to become a virtual bankruptcy assistant, then certification is a must!

The certification involves passing a comprehensive exam on bankruptcy petitions preparation. These include:

  • Client Intake forms (CIF) filled by the debtors, in order to complete the petition,
  • Prepare Due Diligence reports for each debtor by performing a nationwide bankruptcy search, online search for liens and property.
  • Kelly Blue Book for auto values and sites such as are utilized to gather data on real estate appraisal.
  • The virtual bankruptcy assistant is also responsible for providing an attorney cover letter summarizing any possible issues on questions concerning the debtor’s information,
  • Draft petitions are made available to the Attorney within 48 hours and help the attorney gather any further information that may be required.
  • How?

To become a virtual bankruptcy assistant, it is necessary to possess knowledge on matters of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy classes or paralegal classes will give you the necessary knowledge and certification. Any other related courses on bankruptcy will be a plus!

An online certification virtual assistant course will cost you about $1,000 to $3,000, which also helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd!

An office set up is required once you are certified, as you will be working for yourself! Things you will need in order to set up an office are a computer with high speed Internet (Broadband or DSL), a fax machine and an office phone. Collaboration services such as Live Conference Pro and Microsoft Office will help you connect virtually with your clients.   

The next step is to start looking for clients locally. Prepare a list of probable customers in your area. Put together a folder with your business card, brochure, resume and contact information and distribute these to your prospective clients.

Once you hear back from clients, being courteous and friendly will help gain and keep your potential client’s attention; understand their needs and expectations and how you can help them with their bankruptcy problems.

Purpose and benefits of the VBA certification exam

Completing a VBA certification exam helps you accurately measure your skill levels to manage Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy petitions. It helps assure clients and attorneys that you possess the required basic skills to prepare a standard bankruptcy petition. There is no specific exam that tests all possible scenarios for every single petition as each bankruptcy petition is different and unique! But if you are confident enough to pass and complete all areas of the VBA exam with a minimum score of 80%, you will have better prospects in comparison to the legal staff members who are inexperienced!

On completion, as a VBA, you receive a full color, professionally designed certificate that is personalized with your name. The certificate is sent to you through e-mail in a PDF format, so you can print it on your color printer and frame it.

You also gain a 3-month membership in the National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (NAVBA); which entitles you to receive 10% off on everything you purchase from, a discount offer that is more than the price of your exam fee! You are also given the exclusive benefit to renew after your 3-month membership expires!

Also provided is a 3-month listing in the online NAVBA Member Directory, which is used by the bankruptcy attorneys to look and hire VBAs. The certified VBA logo is provided so you can use it for your marketing materials or on your website.


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