How To Become a Virtual Business Coach

A virtual business coach delivers online personal and business training, using interactive media and the latest technological innovations. A good virtual business coach is someone who motivates, retains and manages a steady base of clients; and is able to produce substantive successes with an effective and simple coaching program.

Creating a virtual business which is entirely based in cyberspace is an exciting new concept, requiring lots of effort, dedication and enthusiasm on your part. It may be that you already have experience in business coaching or training executives and businesses in the physical world; in which case the process is somewhat easier. However, you could also be starting a coaching business as an entirely new endeavor, in which case you will definitely need help - something like a train-the-trainer program (discussed further below)- to get going!

Getting started

Start with researching the business coaching market, competition is tough, with numerous coaches who are equally if not, better qualified. Think about how your offering in the market will be different and the value it will add to customers' requirements, over that of your competitors.

One way is to offer your business coaching services on a risk-free trial basis to individuals or businesses, with a money-back guarantee if they don't see significant improvements in their business; or to offer other types of incentives, such as throwing in some freebies along with the enrolment package.

Scope out the market and identify your niche segment or target market right at the beginning. For example, you may want to offer your business coaching expertise to small or home-based businesses which have been around only for the past 1-2 years, who will definitely benefit with some expert business advice, but their budget constraints prevent them from enrolling with established virtual business coaches.

If you need to raise capital from third party resources, make sure to have a comprehensive business plan, ready for review and approval.

Making your presence ‘felt'

  1. Choose a domain and business name which is catchy, easy-to-remember and is indicative of your business.
  2. Use advertising and marketing tools which are web-based, but don't forget to promote your business through conventional media and word-of-mouth as well.
  3. Offer discounted or free services to people who visit your web site; such as reviewing current strategy or a free hour of consultation/coaching.
  4. Provide useful information, resources and links on your web site and keep updating the content, to entice repeat visitors.

Virtual coaching programs for the ‘novice'

  • Online Academy: Recorded libraries or live sessions on the essentials of marketing and sales, retention, client motivation and business coaching/training tips.
  • Coach with 

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Become a virtual business coach and make a living doing work you love!


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