How To Become a Web Producer

Ever wondered who's responsible for making a web page attractive and popular? It's the job of a web producer to bring traffic to websites and create a positive user experience once people land on that website. It's a combination of graphic design, journalism, and marketing. The job of a web producer involves a few different responsibilities. But if you've got some technical know-how and you're interested in the success of websites, then why  not consider becoming a web producer? Here's how to get started.

Step 1

Go to school. Although you don't need to take a specific program in college in order to become a web producer, you still need to go to college. Web producers have a variety of different backgrounds, including technical design, journalism and advertising.  So take courses in these areas if you think you might want to pursue a career in web production.

Step 2

Get some experience. When an employer is looking to hire a web producer, what they want more than anything is experience. After all, it's the web producer that is ultimately responsible for bringing in traffic to a website and making it a success. Before you can take on this responsibility, try your hand at other jobs in the field. Maybe you could get some experience in website design, working to create websites that present information to different audiences based on what that audience would find interesting. Become familiar with Flash, HTML and other website-related programs. Research web metrics and how to drive traffic to websites. As a web producer, you'll need to know the business of making websites inside and out.

Having experience as a writer or an online content blogger is another great way to enter into the world of website production. Start by writing articles or content for websites. Learn to cater it to certain audiences. And research what type of material or website content will drive traffic to a website. Once you're familiar with the many different responsibilities of a web producer, you're probably ready to take on the role.

Step 3

Apply to a job as a web producer. After you've been working in the internet industry for a little while, you should have gained the necessary experience required of a web producer. Update your résumé and cover letter, and email them to any companies that are looking to hire a web producer. Since this job is so tied to the internet, you'll find most job postings online on job boards, forums, and actual websites. Keep your eye open for someone requiring your web producer skills, and if you can prove yourself capable of the job, you'll enjoy a career as a web producer.


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