How To Become an Accountant

Accountants are in demand all year round. You will enjoy the fact that many operating companies require the services of an accountant. Money will not be a matter, since this job proves to be one of the most profitable jobs out there.  

An accountant can be seen in almost every office today. They are the ones counting and evaluating money problems all the while keeping the flow of money to their client's pocket. They are not only good in numbers, but are also adept at using computers as well talking and writing for their clients.

Interested in the job? Then read on and find out how you can become an accountant.

  1. Math is imperative in being an accountant. Make sure you have all the necessary background knowledge about the subject since high school. Ask your school counselor about special math programs available in preparation to your accounting course. Also ask for a list of colleges that offer excellent degrees in accounting.
  2. Get information from colleges about their degrees and programs for the course. Search colleges well before going into your senior high year. If you want to receive a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate, get your Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in a good and accredited college of university.  These days, many online universities offer accounting and finance degrees that are well-respected.
  3. Research on the CPA certificate requirements of your state. Chances are that different states have different requirements before you can actually become a certified accountant. Some states require well over 150 semester units from your accounting degree.
  4. Make sure that the college or university that you are going to apply to have the necessary programs to fulfill your state's CPA requirements. You don't want to get into any problems once you graduate if your state won't be able to license you because you lack the necessary requirements.
  5. Decide on you field of interest in your accounting. You think there is only one accounting job, eh? Well, there are different fields; you're certain to find one which accommodates your interests and skills. There are public, management accounting, government and internal auditing. Also, in every field, sub fields are always present.
  6. Be proficient in computer software for accounting. With the rising technological advances, accounting is not only limited to the "typewriter and paper" job. Remember that computers will make your job easier if you know a lot of software for auditing.
  7. Remember to get job experience from various accounting firms. Not only would you get your experience for the job, but you will also get all the necessary tips and tricks to make your job easier. Also, the CPA exam will require that you have accounting experience before you take part of it. Part-time and internships are available from many firms all through out the year.
  8. Finally, take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. All you need for this exam are your Bachelor's degree and your accounting internship experience.

Now, you are ready to be an accountant. You will have a busy life, but if you enjoy numbers, calculating and handling money, then certainly, this is the job for you.


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