How To Become an Administrative Specialist

Trained professionals who manage not only all the usual tasks related with an administrative assistant role, but also possess the skills required for overseeing and designing special projects are called Administrative Specialists. They are well trained in computer science, able to edit and write sales copy and also manage overall clerical functions of most offices. Taking care of filing documents, handling outgoing and incoming mail, making travel arrangements for executives or their superiors, answering inbound telephone enquiries, etc. are some of the traditional tasks handled by administrative specialists. They also manage most technical related issues such as a hard drive that is locked, orientation of new employees and various educational programs for existing employees and being involved in helping office personnel in learning new programs.

Required skills

  • Graduates of Administrative Specialist Certificate Program,
  • Excellent written and verbal communication,
  • Initiative and leadership qualities,
  • Decision making ability, creativity and positive thinking,
  • Multi-tasking skills, ethical standards, eye for detail, people skills.

The Process

  1. Develop and improve your office software, typing and word-processing skills, proper communication, written and verbal skills, grammar and spellings, etc. as these are the basic skills required for this role.
  2. Gain experience as an administration assistant and work your way up. Learn on the job as you will be mostly working with an administration specialist within that company. Your efficiency and hard work will gain you required attention from the management and offer you growth and higher perks.
  3. It is essential to brush up your organizational skills for the role of an administrative specialist as you are responsible for maintaining and managing the overall office environment efficiently.
  4. Develop industry specific skills. For example, if you are seeking employment within a law firm, you need to be aware of the basic terminologies involved within a law firm; you cannot work for a law firm if you do not know the difference between a divorce and a bankruptcy form, or other similar documents.
  5. Get certified. Start with enrolling for an administrative specialist certificate program. This certification will help you to get an entry level position, but an advanced degree such as an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or any other related field, will help you grow within this role.


Average salary for an administrative specialist differs state to state and depends on your experience and education. Their salaries for job opportunities nationwide is 30% lesser than the average salaries for all job opportunities nationwide. Most administrative specialist postings start with an average of $45,000.

Administrative Specialist Certification Program

This certification helps you prepare for entry-level positions in administrative support and office management. Gain proficiency in keyboarding, office technology and preparation of business documents, learning practical applications such as desktop publishing, Microsoft Office and electronic book keeping. The duration of this certification program is 6 to 12 months. You not only gain knowledge required for office management positions, but also gain accuracy and speed with keyboarding skills to prepare flawless documents. Knowledge on other skills such as using graphing functions to generate project proposals, creating databases, etc. will help your chances of getting an office administration post.

The coursework includes business English, Microsoft Office Applications, Keyboarding, Career Management, Desktop Publishing, Business Communication Skills, Machine Transcription, Business Organization and Microcomputer Business Applications.
Why get certified?

Gaining an administrative specialist certificate gives you exposure to a broader range of avenues for employment in diverse industries. There is great demand within the industries, employers looking for students with multiple skills such as web design, business writing, accounting or advanced software application. You also get the option to choose from working full or part time or the option of telecommuting.


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