How To Become an Animation Writer

Ever wondered what an animation writer’s career is like? Most beloved animated characters are complex and with a few notable exceptions, animated heroines and heroes require to be molded to develop plot-lines. An animation writer needs excellent technical skills and the drawing ability to be successful in their careers; storytellers with a great imagination and flair for the dramatic. In the last few decades, animation has come a long way, including new applications from advertising and special effects to new exciting video games! Animation attracts a large crowd, mostly the younger generation. Be it the big screen or online, animation is in high demand; all the more reason for you to consider this career!

Salaries & job description

Average animation writer salaries differ due to location, company, industry, benefits and experience. As of Jan 2010, the average salary package for animation writers is $58,000.

It is true that animation writing is similar to other types of dramatic writing even when the characters are two-dimensional; they are to be fully sketched! Logical creation of a situation is a must. For example, everyone loves to watch Tom and Jerry; a pair who is always looking to annihilate each other! Animation writing requires you to bring in clear motivations to your characters.

Research and learn the difference between animation writing and other forms of screenwriting. As all characters are sketched in digital magic or ink and there are no real actors to hire, animation writing does not restrict you from most budgetary concerns; so if you are looking to depict a huge army, go for it! Play writers also need to keep in mind the practicalities of the stage.

It is equally important that your work reaches the right audience as it is to ensure your work is original! Participating in screenwriting competitions with focus on animation writing will also bring in the right experience and winning them could gain you the right attention from the people who appreciate your work. For all you know you may end up meeting a story editor on “Family Guy”! Be sure to hand your script and impress them with your work

It is easy to know how to use the software if you create brief clips; impress your viewers by creating animations of your own and do not forget to send the links to all the people you know and upload them on the internet as well! Original, well-written cartoons always stand out in any competition, so your hard work will only pay off when you give the audience exactly what they like to see.

Get a fresh perspective on your writing by joining a writer’s group. You may end up meeting people who have the similar thinking and creativity levels as you; working together will only help you get more original ideas and improve.
To succeed, never give up! Keeping submitting your work until you can submit no more. An opportunity strikes when you least expect it.

If this is your dream, be it being a staff writer for “The Simpsons” or creating brief internet cartoons, animation writing is a fulfilling career to choose! It may not be easy to get ahead of the pack or hit an opportunity of a lifetime as you may find a lot of competition in this field and everyone submitting the same story! But hard work always pays off someday, so don’t lose heart….keep pounding the pavement and improve your craft, success is sure to be yours!


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