How To Become an Apartment Manager

A combination of chief of police, mayor and a head school master constitute the role of a successful apartment manager. The role asks for position of authority and requires excellent leadership qualities, although an apartment manager accomplishes tasks without authority! He manages the concerns of the management company officials and investors. Various laws govern apartment management; these differ from one city to the other within the same state. With the expected increase of 15% by 2016 of job postings for apartment managers, real estate and property management firms are reaching out to college educated individuals who can manage daily operations of communities and complexes.

Job Description

  • Helping prospective renters to see desirable apartments
  • Solving current tenant complaints
  • Process and collection of rent checks
  • Explain and review lease agreements
  • Ensure local and state codes within the facilities are adhered
  • Arranging and maintaining various contracts for the facilities

Educational Qualifications

  1. 4-year degree in real estate, understanding of fair housing laws;
  2. CAM certification is considered a valuable standardized education by many property management firms.
  3. A series of seminars and courses are offered, both at various locations as well as online, by institutions such as the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and the National Apartment Association (NAA). Completing these courses and gaining CAM certification simply shows your potential employers that you possess relevant knowledge and understanding of property management.


  • Get a bachelor’s degree in business administration (in human resources, real estate or property management) from an accredited institute/college. It is important to check on the laws of the city/state you live in before you register with an educational institute as the market trends and building codes vary as much as your educational requirements and employer expectations.
  • Research the real estate and property management market to look for job postings and what the employers expect from new hires.
  • Update and post your CV with relevant information and contact details online.
  • Prepare well for your interview sessions.

Once employed, enhancing existing qualification and skills becomes necessary for further growth and benefits, so watch out for certification programs that you can afford to join while gaining experience in the real estate or property management business.


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