How To Become an Appliance Sales Rep

Working as an appliance sales representative may not be an easy role to take up, but it is worth the effort! An appliance sales representative is one who works for a wholesaler or an appliance manufacturer and is responsible for negotiating the sale of appliances to retailers such as departmental and appliance stores. 

Skills required

  • Confidence, discipline, attention to detail and dedication;
  • People skills
  • Time management and work ethical skills
  • Excellent communication – both written and verbal


  1. Get a high school or college degree in sales from an accredited institute/college.
  2. Start with getting to know appliances. You can sell a product when you know more about it. Find out what they are useful for or what they are capable of, knowing your product well helps you answer any practical or impractical questions your clients have;
  3. Research the qualifications that are mandate for you to become an appliance sales representative. Browse through local newspapers and magazines or online to check on job postings and employer’s expectations for this role. They often look for people with good communication and selling skills.
  4. Reach out to various appliance manufacturers to check if they are looking to hire sales people. Gather more information on qualifications required and ensure you send them an update CV with relevant information of education and experience along with your contact details.
  5. There are various websites that offer job postings online such as, post your CV according to your area preference.

Things to remember

  • Since the appliance sales representative is responsible for meeting and negotiating with all department and appliance stores in the area, be ready for frequent travel you may need to cover a very large area spanning of 3 to 5 states!
  • Carry a laptop for client presentations, researching products and maintaining good working relationship with manufactures and clients.
  • Explore various options open to you. You could choose to work for a single or multiple manufacturers.
  • Manage personal involvements well as dedication and timing are your key factors. As an appliance sales representative you will travel frequently and work long hours in order to secure sales targets.
  • Fresher’s in the business are mostly employed on commission basis, try and gain as much as experience selling on the job as your next company switch will offer you excellent salary and perks based on your experience and selling skills.
  • Enhancing existing skills such as education, certification is equally important for your career growth, so check out courses that are helpful and you can afford while gaining experience.


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