How To Become an Architect

You've been building structures from blocks since you were a child. Now, you're ready to design buildings professionally. If you think you've got what it takes to become an architect, follow these steps.

Step 1

Maintain a good average in high school. You will need a post-secondary education to become an architect. And to even be considered for these programs, you will need a good average. Try to keep you average at a B or higher. This will raise your chances of getting into the architecture program of your choice.

Step 2

Choose a reputable college. There are many different architecture programs offered throughout the country and abroad. Decide which schools or programs you're interested in. Try to narrow down your choices to two or three schools. And make sure that the architecture program offered at each school is certified by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Then ensures you'll get full credit for your schooling once you apply for your license.

Step 3

Decide on your program. When you decide to become an architect, you have a couple of options as far as programs go. You can either enroll in a five-year program in order to receive your Bachelor of Architecture, or you can complete a degree in another field followed by a Masters program in Architecture. The latter option will take you longer, but if you made your decision to become an architect in the midst of your college education, this may be your only option.

Step 4

Look into admission requirements. During your senior year of high school, you need to look into the admission requirements for the architectural programs you are thinking of applying for. Usually, your guidance counselor will have a collection of different magazines from each of the colleges or universities. Look through these books to find out what courses you need to take in high school to ensure you will have the prerequisites for your program.

Step 5

Send in your applications. Now that you have decided on the schools and programs you are interested in, it is time to apply to these programs. This process usually takes place during your senior year of high school. There will be a fee associated with each college application you send in. And it is imperative that you complete all of the necessary forms and paperwork or your application may be denied.

Step 6

Get your foot in the door. During your free summers, you may want to also consider volunteering or working at various architecture firms in your community. Schools and future bosses will look very highly upon your efforts to do this.

Step 7

Get your education. If you get accepted to one of the schools you applied to, you are well on your way to becoming an architect. Do your best  during your college years, and get as much experience and knowledge as you can. Once you've got your degree in Architecture, you have become an architect. You are ready to apply for jobs and put your knowledge and passion to work.


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