How To Become an Extra in a Movie

If you feel like you've got star potential, then you've probably always wanted to be in a movie. But you can't jump into a main role without some experience first. Get a taste for being on set by first becoming an extra in a movie. Follow this guide.

Step 1

Look online. Your first step to becoming an extra in a movie should be to look online for a role as an extra. There are tons of sites that list available extra roles. Here are a few:

Keep in mind that while some of these sites are free, some do have a fee for use. You may be required to do sort of an ‘online audition', where you list any previous experience or training you've had pertaining to acting. Most communication is done via email for this method of finding a role as a movie extra.

Step 2

Read trade journals. Another way to become an extra in a movie is to look through journals and magazines specifically dedicated to the trade of acting. These include Hollywood Reporter and The Variety. Look in the classified or help wanted section. You may even be lucky to find a section entitled ‘auditions'. Make sure that you meet the application deadline when you apply for these extra roles. (The sooner you apply the better, as some will only consider the first few applications they receive.)

Step 3

Look through your newspaper. If a production will soon be filming in your area, they might post a need for extras in your local newspaper. Always check the jobs sections or the help wanted area to see if you can become an extra in a movie. Again, apply well in advance of the deadline and do all that is required of you. This gives you the best chance of getting a role as an extra in a movie.

When you do snag a role as a movie extra, be sure to find out about the specifics of the shoot. Do you need to bring clothes, props or meals? When is your call time, and how long will you be on set? Also, don't bring cameras or other recording devices onto the set, turn off your cell phone and steer clear of alcohol. You want to be in your best possible mode as you take on your small but important role as an extra. And just in case you didn't realize this, movie extras don't always get paid. And if they do, it's usually minimal ($7-10/hr). So don't become a movie extra for the money. Do it for the experience and the bragging rights!  


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