How To Become an Insurance Provider

Everyone needs some type of insurance.  The types of insurance people need include health, life, automobile, property and liability insurance.  Pursuing a professional career as an insurance provider can lead to a very rewarding occupation.  Insurance providers are known as insurance agents or brokers.  They are classified as either captive agents who work for one insurance agency or an independent insurance agent who conducts business with several insurance companies.  These professionals assist their clientele in selecting insurance policies that will meet their individual needs.  Potential insurance providers must obtain the proper credentials in order to become professional insurance providers.

It is highly recommended that future providers of insurance obtain a degree in business, finance or economics as part of their training.  Most employers seek insurance providers who have excellent skills in math, accounting, finance and marketing.  These skills can be learned while pursuing a college degree.  However, future insurance providers who do not have a college education can still obtain a job if they have work experience related to the field.  All candidates must have a high school diploma or GED.

Professionals who provide insurance may have to obtain an insurance license issued by the state they live.  If a license is required, the potential service provider may have to pass the state exam prior to the issuance of the license.  The state may require the examinee to take a course which will prepare the future insurance agent for the exam.  They may be required to take the course through an insurance agent's or broker's association, or in the office of an insurance company.  If it is not a state requirement for the potential insurance provider to take a pre-licensing training course, he or she has the option of studying for the test alone.  Once the exam and other requirements are met, the new insurance agents will receive their licenses from their state.

The success of providers of insurance rests on building their clientele and providing good customer service.  Therefore, during training they should begin putting together a list of potential customers.  Because their salaries rest heavily on commissions, this may help boost their initial earnings.  Employers will also be impressed. Providers should also hone their communication skills by taking public speaking courses or joining a public speaker's group.  Clients will want to conduct business with insurance providers who are articulate and who can explain policies well.  Finally, future insurance agents should familiarize themselves with insurance software used in the industry.


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