How To Become an OB Nurse

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An OB nurse is a nurse who specializes in helping with pregnant women during pregnancy, and assisting in delivering new born babies.  They are also responsible for comforting family members, and answering questions while the doctors on staff are busy.  After a baby is born, an OB nurse will also be required to help monitor the status of the new born babies, and continuously check up on the mothers until both the mother and baby are discharged.  An OB nurse follows a similar path into their profession as other nurses.  This article will give you steps and hints into how to become an OB nurse.

The first step in how to become an OB nurse is to get your education.  Education for becoming a nurse often begins in high school.  You should take classes geared towards anatomy, biology, and other sciences.  While in high school, it would be a good idea to volunteer at a local hospital to get an understanding of how a hospital works.

After high school, the next step in how to become an OB nurse is to go to college.  If you prefer, you can go to a junior college and work towards being a Licensed Practical Nurse.  Obtaining this degree and licenses through a junior college typically takes 2 years.  After you earn your LPN, you should consider going to nursing school where you can earn certification as an RN.   Becoming an OB nurse does not necessarily require you to be an RN, but you are very limited in promotional potential if you are only an LPN.

While working towards your RN licensing and finishing nursing school, you should choose a specialty in OB-GYN.  While working towards your RN licensing you will learn many skills that are required to become an excellent registered OB nurse.  Once you are done with nursing school, and pass any necessary registered nurse certifications, you are qualified to become an OB nurse.

The next step in becoming an OB nurse is to get a job.  You should look at obtaining an OB nurse position in a hospital which has a reputable OB-GYN practice.  These hospitals will see a larger number of pregnant women, and will help ensure that you will be needed on staff.  While working as an OB nurse, you will want to consider going back to school to get a masters degree which will make you a more attractive option when the hospital is looking to promote an OB nurse into a management position.

While you are working as an OB nurse, you will want to hone your skills in bedside manner, as a part of your job is comforting expected mother.  Families of expected mothers can be easily stressed out, which will require you to deal with difficult situations.


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