How To Become an RN Case Manager

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The job of a registered nurse or RN case manager is simply to provide medical services. This position also requires you to do social work in order to ensure the patients’ welfare. Most of the RN case managers work for nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies and hospitals. They may even sometimes work for health insurance companies as consultants.

If you think this is the right career path for you, here are some useful tips that will help you land the job:

  • Obtain the required educational attainment. Applicants who wish to become RN case managers need to become a registered nurse first to get this position. You have three options to become a registered nurse. The most common choice is getting a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, or BSN. Majority of the colleges and universities offer this course programs. You need to complete this four-year course and pass the board exam before you can become a RN. You also have the option to take an associate degree in nursing. Community or junior colleges offer this program. Unlike BSN, this program only takes two to three years to finish. Your last option is to get a three-year diploma program from hospitals. Although these three programs can help you become a registered nurse, most employers prefer applicants who acquired a four-year degree in nursing.
  • Obtain a certification for nursing case managers. After becoming a registered nurse, the next step that you need to take is to get a certificate that will prove your participation in a nursing case management program. This program usually takes twelve months to finish. If you want additional certifications, you can take an American Case Managers Association or ACMA exam. You can also become a certified case manager by getting a certification through the Commission for Case Manager Certification or CCMC. Having additional certifications will give you higher chances of getting the position.
  • Develop your communication and social skills. Since you will be handling the concerns of the patients, you need to interact with them to make them trust you. Good communication and social skills are essential for this role. You must also have the skills to accurately observe and make proper decisions when it comes to your patients. There are instances where you need to decide whether to follow a patient’s request or your own medical judgment. You must prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for this job.
  • Create and update your curriculum vitae. If you finally meet the qualifications to become a RN case manager, then you can now start sending out your updated resume. Make sure that you include all the certifications that you managed to acquire. Remember that a resume can make or break your career as a case manager. Make sure you construct your resume properly. Once you are done with your resume, send out your application to institutions of your choice.

Be reminded that the working condition of this profession can be stressful sometimes. Since you are dealing with the concerns of the patients, make sure you are always patient and understanding about their needs. If you use these steps as your guide, you can make sure that you can easily perform the tasks of an RN case manager.


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