How To Become Surgeon General

Many people have seen the label on either alcoholic beverages or on any carton of cigarettes in the United States, issuing a health warning stating the product in question can harm the health of the user or defect an unborn child if consumed. The ultimate authority on health awards, the Surgeon General, is in a manner of speaking the head of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and oversees about six thousand United States Public Health Services members for a year. To be appointed directly by the President of the United States for the position of Surgeon General is a long, very challenging process but is ultimate rewarding in the long run. These steps might just make you the one to succeed the current holder of the position, Regina Benjamin.

First and foremost, you must attend medical school. This step alone shows how long this process can take! No matter how many smarts you may have, you will never become the Surgeon General without a degree in the medical field. While taking the program to become a doctor, it is recommended to either minor or work towards a second degree in a program such as Political Science. This will enable you to have a better understanding and have a better grasp on other aspects of the job, such as political, rather than the part that requires medical knowledge.

After becoming a doctor, not only should you continue to help heal people, but make it your duty to always learn the latest developments in technology. If possible, try to volunteer in a third world, developing country or another sort of program that is dedicated to finding cures for diseases. These are the sorts of things that will be put on your resume to show that you contain the kind of compassion that everyone wants their Surgeon General to have. In addition to this, promote other ideas such as organ donation. If there is some part of the medical field that needs support, join the cause and help it out. This kind of passion will prove to be invaluable later.

If there is something you feel you know very well when it comes to a certain area of medicine, brush up any gaps, tie up any loose ends and above all, become an expert in this field. Only a true expert can expect to bring change where it is needed. Not only is the President searching for a Surgeon General who has compassion and can help the cause when they need it, but he is also searching for someone who is very clearly in full knowledge of what she is doing.

Last, but by no means least, continue doing what you do best. Make it known you are hoping to become a Surgeon General to all co-workers and administrators you come across in your travels, and someday this position might just be yours!


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